The Big Catch Up

Wow, so much to say, just where to start.  Ok, so first things first.  I am currently 13 weeks pregnant (with our first child), my husband and I are currently homeless and living in his parent's basement.  Yep, I would say that sums it up.  Now on to the details.

We haven't always lived in his parent's basement.  We sold our amazing little craftsman bungalow back in May and didn't have a new place to move to.  Thankfully, his parents offered up (or rather down) their basement for temporary living conditions.  So, JD, our two (big) dogs, and my pregnant self all moved an hour away from our jobs for free basement living.  It's not as bad as it all sounds, there is a finished bedroom, we don't have to do lawn care of any of the other usual maintenance items we would have to do to our home, and the biggest bonus, it's free!  But don't worry, we don't plan on living this rent free lifestyle for much longer.  We have been on the house hunt since last August, and since that time we have found three houses that we have said 'I love that house' to as we drove past it.  And so far, two out of the three times, the love has not been in our favor.  We finally found another house (3rd times a charm?), and we are set to close on it at the end of June.  But that house too, is not without a lot of drama.  It is an amazing house, built in the 1920s, wood floors, original pocket doors, wrap around porch, and all with a coveted two-car garage.  We put in an offer before we even saw the inside (did I mention, we are a little crazy sometimes?).  We peeked around the outside and rummaged in the backyard, and probably got the cops called on us a few times, but we were convinced we would love the inside just as much so we put in an offer.  It wasn't until two weeks later that were able to get inside the grand old house.  And we loved it even more than we thought.  Four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, five fireplaces (bummer, none work), 12 foot ceilings, and gorgeous wood work.  AKA the perfect house!  But, it's not ours yet, as I said before, it doesn't come drama free.  The house is a short sale and that means the bank can take it's sweet time, and boy have they.  But, we have a closing date, so that's half the battle, or so we hope.

Now the other news.  Yes, I am 13 weeks preggo.  As of right now, I am due 12-13-12, but we are shooting for 12-12-12 just to make it more interesting.  We found out we were expecting the middle of April at about 5 weeks.  I was feeling pretty darn good at this time, none of the baby woes yet, but don't worry that changed.  We had our first ultrasound at the beginning of May.  CJ (as we call the unborn), looked more like a molded piece of playdough than anything else.  If you held the picture just right, you could detect the makings of a head, so I would definitely say CJ takes after JD. J/K

 It was around this time, I started feeling, oh, not so great.  Nothing to eat would sound good and the smell of cooking meat really grossed me out.  I even made JD eat in another room once because his sausage biscuit turned my stomach, I had to promise him that eating in the the other room was much better than the alternative.  The first twelve weeks pretty much went the same.  JD "hey babe, what do you want to eat?" Me "I don't care" JD "Great, let's go have tacos", Me "gross".  I ended up loosing about 5 lbs.  I lived on applesauce and graham crackers and cheezits.  I stopped all working out (big mistake), got winded walking up a flight of stairs, and broke out like a poor kid in junior high.  That's right, I got zits, and lots of them.  I'm still waiting for that so called elusive pregnancy glow that supposedly all women get.  Bah humbug.  Things are slowly getting better, I now can eat 3 full regular meals a day.  And so far the only craving I have had is for peanut M&Ms and an oh so delicious taco from Taco Casa (sadly, only available in TX & OK).  I did get a little bonus last time I went to the doctor.  I went in for an echo cardiogram and the tech gave me a quick peek at CJ.  Wow, so much had changed.  CJ actually resembled a baby, a real life baby is growing in my belly.  It was so cute, it looked like CJ was sucking his (?) thumb and had a terrible case of the hiccups, but being only the size of a lime, I wasn't able to feel a thing.   I have gained maybe a pound back of the 5 that I lost, and while you would think my clothes would be loose, they are oddly tight.  I can no longer button my pants, but I do use a handy dandy little spandex contraption called the Belly Band, LIFESAVER.  And yes, the girls are bigger, so much bigger.  I am still anxiously awaiting the day I have the cute little belly bump.  And while I have one now, it's more of a jelly belly consisting of water weight and bloating.  So much fun.  Here are some other ways being pregnant has changed me:

-I am normally a bad speller, but now, it's gone off the charts bad.  JD loves to make fun me.
-Preggo Brain is real ladies, unless it's written down, you can forget me having any knowledge of it
-My usually weird dreams are even more so
-I get my words mixed up or can't remember the right ones all.  A sidewalk, now is 'that thing we walk on'

Well, it's back to the basement for me.


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