Week 19 Tomatoes, Tumbles, and Toddlers

Only 147 more days to go!  According to the app on my phone (I swear they have an app for everything these days!), CJ is about the size of a heirloom tomato and has definitively been making his/her (HIS) presence known on my bladder.  CJ has been bouncing around a lot more these days.  It is so amazing being able to feel him/her moving around inside of me.  I've been trying to catch a glimpse of CJ's movement on the outside, but so far the kicks have only been felt and not seen.  I think I may have mentioned it in an earlier post, but several of my friends are also pregnant right now as well.  One just found out they are having a boy and another one is having a girl.  We will find out in about a 1 1/2 weeks, and we can't wait.  A lot of people ask 'why not wait and let it be a surprise?'  I say 'well, we've already waited 5 months, so we will still be surprised.'  Ah, so true.

Sofie had her 3rd birthday this past weekend.  It's hard to believe she's already 3 years old!  She had her birthday at this huge place that offers a ton of different kinds of bouncy castle like things, slides, and ball pits (they need one of these for adults, and they should serve alcohol).  And yes, a lot, of toddlers running around.  Needless to say, Sofie had a blast.  Days before the party she couldn't stop talking about the dance party.  Sofie's words 'they turn the lights off and say everybody dance!'.  JD and I weren't quiet sure what she meant until we saw it.  Between the dancing (to her favorite Justin Bieber), swinging and sliding, Sofie had a blast.

                                                       Sofie LOVES to dance!

The house drama continues.  We were supposed to close today, but that of course didn't happen.  We've given the sellers agent a deadline of August 9th to get everything taken care of but we are doubtful that anything will actually happen.  So, are we just sitting around doing nothing? Of course not!  Most of our computer time these days is spent looking at houses online and then stalking the neighborhoods where they are.  We've found a few prospects and may go look this weekend with our realtor.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I must say I'm impressed at the lack of pregogrammar and pregospelling mistakes this week.  Great job!


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