Week 24 = 6 Mos

Ah, the comforts of sitting in a chair in our new apartment.  We have upgraded to to (ah, yes, double words, a clear sign of pregobrain) furniture (and the term "furniture," it should be noted, is used very loosely.  If you  look at the coffee table in the picture, you will notice that the coffee table is a cardboard box.  You might be a redneck if your coffee table is a cardboard box.  hmm), no more sitting on the floor with the dogs.  Our apartment still clearly looks like like we are poor college kids, but hey, it's a start.  Hopefully, we won't be here for much longer.  

From eating on the floor to.....
Why, yes, that is a cardboard coffee table.
I've done a bit more on the whole registry thing.  And I've started looking at nursery design ideas, but it kind of makes it hard when I don't have a nursery to decorate.   Ah, but a girl can dream.  I'm not too much into themes and I'm trying to stay away from the room being overly girly (thank God!).  Just in case the she turns into a he on delivery day.  Not only would that be confusing, but I think my husband is a little confused as well (The only reason your husband gets confused is because when you have pregobrain and try to explain things, they don't make any sense).  In all the 'what to expect when you're expecting' and all the other prego articles and tidbits out there, I've read about how husbands can gain the baby weight and get all the other sympathy symptoms.  Apparently, JD took over my sweet tooth.  Instead of me sending him out for some weird or sweet something  or another to satisfy a craving, he sent me to Whole Foods to look for a specific item.  A cookie sandwich with creme filling dipped in chocolate.  Now if that isn't backwards then what is?? Actually, what's backwards is the fact that Whole Foods has quit making the most delicious thing they ever sold.  WTH!!!

Nope, not for me!
Now I'm not gonna say I don't enjoy something sweet every now and then, because I do.  But, hands down, JD is the one with all the cravings.  And I'm sure in the weeks to come I will take back my reign over all things sweet.  Never!  The Cookie Crown is all mine now.....  :-)  


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