Weeks 21 and 22 Oh and It's a GIRL!!

First of all, sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Last week, the hubs (I guess I'm hubs?), Sofie, and I went to the beach for our summer vacation.  Thanks to my cousin, were (we?) had a little beach house all week to ourselves.  We enjoyed the beach, the sun, and all the food that Grayton Beach had to offer.

out for a little beach side concert

gotta protect our faces!

"NO daddy! I can do it all by myself"

All in all, we had a wonderful vacation, no dogs, no work, no sunburns, and no basements!  

The Tuesday we left for the beach, we also went to the doctor for our week 20 check up and sonogram.  Everything was right on schedule and according to the sonogram tech, our baby is very photogenic!  Most of  what I understood from their conversation was that the spine, the stomach and the heart all looked great.  Oh, and yes it's a girl!  Or, they said "it appears female".  So CJ is now Cora Jaqueline.  But I guess we'll see if she really stays a she and doesn't pop out a Corin Joseph.  Sofie is ecstatic that she is going to have a little sister.  When asked what she was going to do with her sister, she replied 'teach her to swim'.  And of course she asks constantly to hold the baby.  CJ has been a lot more active lately and we have even been able to see a lot more movement from the outside.  My clothes are slowly getting tighter and I'm less and less able to were my 'normal' clothes.  I've yet to find a place that has good prego clothes for short chicks like me (suggestions wanted!).

Here's CORA!

HOUSE UPDATE:  we are still homeless  :-( .....but not for long  :-).  We actually signed a lease at an apartment that is a lot more convenient than where we currently are.  Not that I mind free rent, but an hour drive to work and back is not my idea of fun.  We also went and looked at a few more houses with our realtor this past week.  We saw some cute houses, some small houses, and some scary houses.  But nothing came even close to comparing to *sigh* our favorite house.  Speaking of our dream house, we have been told we might be able to actually close.  The liens are in the process of being taken care of YAY (THANK GOD!!!!) !!  And the bank that owns the property won't start the foreclosure process until the first of October, so that gives us a little over a month to close.  Here's praying!

But for now, back to the basement....

Thanks Angie and John for the awesome beach house!


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