Some Catching Up

0700 - Change a poopy diaper and feed CJ her breakfast
0745 - Back to bed for both me and the little one
0900 - Change another poopy diaper and CJ gets her 2nd breakfast
1030 - finally make it downstairs after getting myself and CJ dressed, pray for nap time for CJ and a eat a quick breakfast for me
1100 - Brunch for CJ
1145 - CJ is snoozing and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to make lunch
1300 - Lunch time for CJ, more poopy diapers
1345 - Nap time for CJ, laundry time for me
1500 - Tummy time for CJ after more wet diapers
1505 - Afternoon snack for CJ
1530 - Back to lala land for CJ, and I'm not far behind
1730 - Back to reality, feed CJ and change more diapers
1800 - Eat whatever JD fixes or brings home

Just so innocent...
Eat, Sleep, Poop.  Yep, that's about it.  But, at least in the sleeping department CJ is doing pretty good.  Last night she slept for almost 4 hours straight, then woke up for a 10 min feeding, then back to sleep for another 3 1/2 hours.  That was nice, let's hope she follows that same plan for tonight.  Last week we had her 2 week follow up appointment.  She was 6 lbs and 15 oz, which is apparently good since that is more than her birth weight.  Not only was her weight good, but I also stepped on the scale for a quick peek.  And, I'm back to 124 lbs!!!!!!!  2 weeks post postpartum and I've already lost 23 lbs, best diet ever! But, on the downside, I'm not into my pre-prego jeans just yet.  I did try on a pair and while they fit, they were a uncomfortable fit, and even sadder, they were my 'fat'

3 weeks postpartum
Back to CJ.  We have ventured out a few times, sometimes on our own and sometimes with JD.  JD was off work all this week and we had Sofie too.  Today we went to the zoo.  Yep, CJ's first trip to the zoo, and she slept the entire time.  Sofie on the other hand loved the giraffes.  Sofie loves having her little sister around and  can't wait to teach her all sorts of things.  She loves to help burp her and and wants to hold her quite often.  JD and I are slowly figuring out what makes CJ tick.  While a dirty diaper doesn't really bother her, she absolutely hates a wet one.  No matter how tightly you swaddle her, she manages to get both of her arms out and snoozes happily in the touchdown position (JD is hoping this means she's gonna be a football fan).  Not only does she like to sleep with her arms above her head, but she also likes to be carried like a football (Exactly.  She likes it because she's a HUGE football fan!).

The 'Football' Hold


She deff has my nose

Blankets, I don't need no stinkin' blankets
Strollin' in the hood
We've also had a busy week with house stuff.  We have had house painters painting the exterior of the house all week.  We've gone from turquoise, red and off white to gray, black and white.  The house is gray (Night Owl to be exact), the trim is white, and the brick is black.  And one of these days we will paint our front door a color (a) bit more exciting.  Through all the feedings, diaper changes and naps, I have managed to do a few things around the casa.  The Christmas decorations are all put away, I've measured the master closet for some new organization (or just any for that matter), and I've acquired a new piece of furniture.  Hopefully the next 4 weeks will be a bit more productive.

Craigslist Find!

For Free!!!

Always a work in progress.


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