5 1/5 hours? Don't mind if I do

Another week down and about 3 more 'till I go back to work.  Well, back to work at my regular job, because being a stay at home mom, well, let's just say it ain't easy.  Before CJ was born I had read tons of articles about how so many moms planned to do so much while they were on maternity leave but those projects went undone because they just didn't have time or the energy to do.  I thought 'Not me, I'll have tons of time, all CJ will do is sleep most of the time', haha yeah, big dreams I had.  Not to say I haven't had time to do a few things but most of my time is spent feeding and diapering our little bundle of joy.

She's just too cute to put down 

It's amazing I even had time to get dressed!
CJ has been trucking along just fine.  She has her moments, especially when she has a wet diaper.  She hates those with a vengeance.  You would think her diaper was on fire with the way she carries on, but as soon as a dry one gets put on, she's all smiles.  Speaking of wet diapers, JD and I had just finished giving CJ her bath and I was holding getting her all nice and dry in a cozy towel when she looks up at me with the cutest little face and then she pees on me.  Nice warm baby pee all over my shirt.  And all she does is grin.  JD on the other hand is also smiling, but his smiles are accompanied by him laughing his butt off.  That's ok, she'll poop on him one of these days and then I'll be the one laughing.  Other than getting peed on CJ has had a better moment this week.  Last night she slept for 5 1/2 hours!  Ah the joy.

More good news, I can eat salmon again!  Before I found out I was having a baby, JD and I would eat salmon all the time.  After I got pregnant it just didn't sound good to me again.  Well, this past Tuesday, JD forced (ok, maybe not forced, I'll just say he strongly suggested I try it again) me to eat salmon.  And I liked it! Yay!

We had Sofie this past weekend and she and I tried out a little Pinterest project.  Sofie loves to paint, I mean really LOVES to paint.

CJ finally met JD's Mimi on Sunday.

**So, this post was written over a week ago and somehow or another I got distracted and forgot to post it, so here it is**


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