10 Weeks and our first COLD....

Whew, CJ is already 2 1/2 months old.  Seems like just yesterday I was pacing the hospital floors waiting for her to come, but then again, it seems like she's been here forever.  The first day I dropper her off at daycare I began dreading the first 'daycare' cold.  Well, it finally came and I would love to say went, but it's still hanging around.  We took her to the doc on Monday just to make sure her lungs were clear since she was having a lot of noisy nose issues, and her lungs were just fine.  And more good news, she was up to 9 lbs and 9 oz!  It's hard to believe that some babies come into this world that size....I thank God everyday that that was not her!  Since she has packed on a few more ounces, we might brave the cloth diapers again this weekend...I said might.....Other than CJ getting her first cold, I have absolutely no complaints about her daycare. 

Last Sunday all the parents of the Sweet Potatoes group (that's what CJ's class is called) met for a nice little get-to-know-you-get-together.  It was nice to meet the other parents and put an adult face with the babies faces that I had been seeing.  So far, CJ is the youngest in her class, but that all changes this next Monday.  The one and only little boy will start his first day (he's a whopping 2 days younger than CJ).  He's sure to be a hot commodity since he's the only little man in the group.  One of the things I really like about our daycare is that they keep up with a daily blog and they are constantly posting pics of the kids throughout the day.  Sorry co-workers, but yes, I have to check in on my little girl while I'm at work.  It's almost like those fancy doggie daycares where they have cameras in the kennels...ok, so maybe not exactly the same, but if the daycare did have cameras, I might as well quit my job because I would never get ANY work done!

I think she might be more interested in her fingers....

bet the daycare workers love nap time!


In an effort to make some money and to reclaim our sunporch, JD and I attempted to have a garage sale this past weekend.  Saturday turned out to be nasty and cold, so we settled for Sunday.  I wouldn't say it was succeessful....yes we made some $$ and got rid of a bunch of junk, but we still had too much left over.  JD reluctantly moved it back into the sunroom last night, but hopefully it will get moved to the garage this weekend.  One of the things we tried to part with was a vintage green sofa made by Kroehler.  Apparently it was made in NC and could be worth some major mulah....and no takers.  Which actually is ok with me since I am trying to decide if I really want to send it on it's way. 

the vintage green monster
One of the other reasons we had a garage sale was help fund our big list of things we need to do the house.  And trust me it's big!  We have done a fair bit of work, but in the whole scope of things, it's pretty minor.  Here's a snapshot of what needs to be done:

Living Room
~refinish hardwood floors
~paint walls
~install crown moulding
~paint fireplace brick
~get fireplace in working order
~change light fixture for ceiling fan
~caulk around windows
~make entryway functional
~hang pictures

~install bookcases EVERYWHERE
~caulk around windows
~hang pictures
~make file cabinet
~fix yellow sofa
~paint light fixture
~paint walls
~repair tile on fireplace

Dining Room
~caulk around windows
~paint light fixture
~paint walls
~repair tile on fireplace
~window covering for door

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many projects we have started and ones that we can't wait to start. 

garage before....

fits 2 jeeps!

Just trucking along.


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