4 1/2 Months....ready to roll

Yes, I know, shame on me.  It's been a minute (as they say here in Atlanta).  I've got excuses though, I've been spring cleaning, working, and just being plain busy.

The last time I wrote I mentioned something about a mowhawk.  Every summer, or most summers, JD decides he has had enough of the hair business and shaves his head bald.  This time we went for the mohawk look. The girls at daycare says CJ looks more like him now that they are both sporting the baldy look.

ah, that lovely  hair
almost twinkies!

CJ is now just over 4 months old! I can't believe it's already been that long.  It has been such a 'learning' experience.  She had her 4 month old check up and shots last week.  We've only been doing a couple of shots at a time.  We don't like the idea of pumping her full of drugs in such a short span of time.  Anyways, she handled it like a champ, yes she cried, but only for a few seconds.  She is laughing more and more and also starting to show her stubborn side.  I blame daddy for that one.....

Not a chance!
such a wiggle worm
CJ's pjs

She's still doing great at daycare.  We get updates every couple of weeks and pictures almost every day.  Today she held her own bottle for the first time!

Loves that camera!
goofy girl
look ma' I'm using my hands!
deep in thought...
JD has gone back to playing soccer every weekend.  No serious injuries yet.....

It's been such a busy few weeks that I really don't have much to type, or rather, I just don't feel like spilling my guts right now.

So here's a few pics I took for Cora's 4 month old pics.

relaxing before the picture taking starts
about to get started
about to ROLLLLLL

monkey shot!

 Maybe next week (or whenever I get a wild hair to write again..) I'll have a bit more to say.


  1. She's growing so quick!!! Adorable. Hope you parents were/are able to get the nightstand.


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