Hello Spring!

It has been a busy past couple of weeks.  Work has been busy.  Stuff at home as (no as) has kept us busy.  And of course with the nice weather, we've tried to be outside as much as we can. 

CJ is now 15 weeks old.  She is still loving daycare and they often comment on how alert she is and how she loves hanging out on the floor watching everyone.  They also mentioned that she has on occasion said 'dadda'.  I would say that upsets me, but honestly, at 3 am and she's saying 'dadda' because that's the only word she knows, I won't be complaining, nope, I'll be waking 'dadda' up because his daughter is calling for him (I've been trying to teach her mama so she can yell for you in the middle of the night, but no luck)!

look I'm a zebra
CJ's attitude is starting to show more and more.  She still hates wet diapers with a vengeance.  She hates to be waken (woken maybe?) up from a nap.  She is (a) morning  person IF she wakes up on her own.  I have to admit, I absolutely love morning time with her.  Just watching her stretch and slowly wake up in her crib is the cutest thing ever.  And even though I know she has a huge poopy diaper, I still can't deny that child a huge hug in the morning, especially when she gives me that 'who me? I'm so innocent' smile.

how can you resist that smile?? 

Last Friday my family had a big adventure.  We flew to Oklahoma to visit the fam.  It was CJ's first airplane ride, Sofie's second, and well JD and I, we don't count anymore.  CJ did amazingly well on the flight, she slept the entire way (thank God!)!  I'm sure that was to the great pleasure of many of the other passengers.  I know I used to hate seeing a baby board the plane, I would think, 'great, a crying baby, this is gonna suck...'  and now I've become that paranoid parent worried that their kid is going to piss off an entire plane full of people.  Thank you Jesus CJ was cooperative.  Sofie was so excited to go on another plane ride to Oklahoma, and for a 3 1/2 year old she did great, a little restless, but then again, I think JD was more restless than her (what can I say, it was a long trip)!

do they make seat belts this small??
Sofie's new shades (with CJ in the reflection)
This being our first trip with  CJ (to anywhere other than somewhere 1 hour away) we were curious as to how it would go.  We loaded up everything we thought we would need and then plus some.  But even with our over packing (10 outfits for CJ for 3 days isn't too much, is it??), I am proud to say we managed to have carry on bags only.  We opted not to take our stroller for CJ and used our baby carrier instead.  I only got yelled at once by TSA and that was for not taking my coat off quick enough.  Thankfully, there were a few very nice people in line with me that helped out in a big way.  Even though TSA does not require kids to take their shoes off to go through the scanner, Sofie couldn't wait to taker her's off.  I think she is the only person I know that would be happy to take off her shoes!

looks like a pro!
We arrived safely and without incident in Texas (and then a 2 hour drive to Oklahoma).  A big thanks to Meme for being our chofour (chauffeur, let's hope CJ gets my spelling skills) and hauling us around all afternoon.  I was even lucky enough to get to introduce CJ to a few old friends and co-workers.  One of my best friends lives in Florida and only six hours away from us here in ATL.  We joked that we only live 6 hours away from each other but we both traveled to OK to see the other!  She brought a surprise with her from FL to OK for CJ's nursery.  Sadly, I didn't make it back to ATL with the nightstand, but a trip to Florida to visit her is in the works.....unless I convince her to come up north.  Heather has an amazing talent for taking a boring piece of furniture and turning into a work of art.  Here's a link to her blog for any of you do-it-yourselfers that wish to learn a few tricks.  http://the-junktion.blogspot.com/2013/02/old-buffet-becomes-old.html

can't wait to get this in the nursery!!
Easter weekend was filled with meet-and-greets for the family and CJ, egg hunting, a fish fry, and a few heated games of pinochle.

she might have been trying to block out the exploding targets....
practicing her swing
Blake & James
Levi & A. Ann
Sofie being fashionable 
about to start egg hunting
Resurrection Eggs
perfect egg hiding spot??
CJ hanging with cousin Shana
Found some eggs!!
flying the planes
Tae & Beth
putting on her 'make-up'
My niece's birthday was this past week and we celebrated it as well.  She turned 5 years old.  Last year she had a princess themed birthday party at the zoo, this year, she wanted the Teenaage (wow, lots of residual pregobrain stuff this week.  teenage btw) Mutant Ninja Turtles as her theme.  Yep, you read that right.  She loves the turtles and Leonardo is her favorite.

Birthday Girl!!

her favorite!
Quill is keeping the girls in line
having some fun girl time
One more thing for you to marinate on.  Have you ever heard of exploding targets?  Let's just say half of Valliant heard them over the weekend and luckily for us no one was injured!

Overall, it was a great trip home, a bit fast and way too short, but none the less, worth it. 

Next week:  mohawks! (well, maybe next week, or maybe the week after....)  No.  It will def be next week.


  1. You know you both can fly as fams and skip the security check, right? That's all we do. They'll pat down the kids but that's it! So much easier!


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