6 Months!

Sometimes I've got great ideas for an amazingly catchy title.   And other times, I just flat out don't have a clue.  This is obviously one of those 'don't have a clue' times (That's a lot of the time babe.  :-))

Speaking of times...holy cow, where has it gone?!  CJ is now (or was this past Tuesday) 6 months old!  It seems like she's always been apart (a part) of my life but then again she's getting so big so fast (ok, so maybe not literally big...but she is growing up).  Just yesterday she said dada.....j/k! (not kidding.  She said DADA, plain as day). She is, however, quite the little monkey.  I laid her on the rug in her room, turned my back, and the next thing I know, she's under her crib.  Changing her diaper or her clothes has become an all out jujitsu (?) fight.  Seriously, the other day I had to have JD hold her down for me.  Yes, apparently one small mini me is stronger than JD and I combined.  Just makes me wonder what I have to look forward to when she's 16.  I think I need chocolate.  She's stubborn like her mommy, that's what you have to look forward to.
Monkey Shot

practicing her MMA 

JD thinks CJ is getting ready to be on the move and that crawling is right around the corner.  Me, I'm a bit worried about the crawling.  We have 2 dogs.  One of which is a habitual shedder.  I'm just concerned that poor CJ will be hacking up fur balls.

A couple of weeks ago, JD and I took our first solo trip since CJ was born.  One of JD's friend's was getting married in Tampa so we coerced my folks into babysitting for the weekend.  I use the word 'coerced' lightly.  I think my mom had a little bit too much fun playing dress up with CJ all weekend long.   Oh, and not to mention, spoiling her rotten.  I was a little nervous about being gone for a few days, but JD and I had an amazing time.  I forgot what it was like to sleep for 10 hours straight.  Mom?  Dad?  Wanna babysit again next weekend???
breakfast in Ybor City
enjoying our date weekend
We've done a few things in the past month to the house, or rather the yard.  We bought a gazebo and put down a stone patio in the backyard.  I have to say, we are extremely pleased with the way the patio turned out.  We were even able to use it in time for our Memorial Day cookout.  I think JD has one more thing he wants to do to the walkway.  But there's still a huge laundry list of things we need to do to the backyard before we call it quits.

the wasteland

Sofie just finished up swim lessons and is almost, just almost, ready to put her face in the water.  While she loves the water, she is NOT a fan of getting her face wet.  We took the girls to the neighborhood pool.  Sofie couldn't wait to get in the big pool.  JD had to bribe her to jump in without holding on to his hands.  CJ was not a fan of the pool.  I'm not sure if it was the cold water, the tons of people or all the noise, but the poor girl just wanted to cuddle in the shade.  JD and I are gonna have to work on that...maybe we should let Sofie take over.

Sofie loves her pink pool!

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