Spicing Things Up

Oh man, it's been a while.  My apologies, life happens, what can I say.

Anyways, I've had a project that I've been wanting to do for a while, and when I finally sat down to do it, it took all of 2 days.  And that 2nd day was because I had to go shopping for more bottles.

Ever since our kitchen renovation, I've been wanting a way to display spices in a fun, cute way.  My kitchen Pinterest board shows that and more.  Maybe too much....

Several months back a guy in my neighborhood was selling vintage Coke and Pepsi crates for $10 each. I bought 7 of them!  I ended up passing along most of them to my mother and kept just a couple to use in our house.  

The coke one was used to store our spices and I loved the way it looked, or could look.  All of our spices were various brands, various bottle types and sizes.  So it just looked a little messy.

After few hundred hours (I'm kidding...maybe) of searching for online ideas, I found a few doable ideas.  Since our kitchen is pretty much all gray and white, I wanted to inject some color into the decor.  

I bought spice (here) jars from World Market many, many months ago.  And they've been sitting in their bag on the floor in my hobby room ever since then.  I chose these jars specifically.  I wanted glass jars and most that i found (Amazon, Target, etc) were glass but had a plastic lid.  And well, plastic doesn't last long in our house (thanks for JD for that).  And these jars from World Market were perfect, they had a stainless steel lid and they even came with the little plastic lid with holes in it for sprinkling your spices!  The link above has a set of 5 for $5.94, but you can also buy them individually for $0.99 each, not a bad price!

I used my Silhouette Cameo program to design the spice labels for the top of each spice jar, apparently we have A LOT of spices (is 37 a lot???).  

I purchased full size shipping labels from my nearest office store.

 And then I sent it to the printer

Not too bad, the colors were a tiny bit off from my computer screen, so I'm not sure if that means my computer needs to be tweaked or if my printer ink is running low...

Since I used my Silhouette, I was able to use the print and cut feature.  The black square and lines you see above help the machine know exactly where to cut.  I usually always do a 'test cut' to make sure I have my blade set at the right depth and the speed as well.

There you can see the test cut I did in the upper left corner...So then I tried to send it to the Silhouette to cut the circles, and it wouldn't do it! It said it couldn't read my registration marks (those black lines and squares).  Great, now I'm going to have to cut it out by hand.  Silhouette fail.  But then, I thought, maybe it was because I did a test cut? Maybe that screwed it up?  I printed the next sheet of labels and promptly loaded it into my Silhouette, it cut like a dream.  No issues what so ever.  So note to self (and anyone else trying this out) don't do a test cut if you are using print and cut!  I wasted paper and ink. And I hate wasting stuff....

Time to stick 'em onto the lids. (and yes, I did wash everything first)

And here they are, all cozy in their new Coca-Cola box home.

And a few up close and personal with the jars.

But of course, that's not what my kitchen normally looks like.  I have a kid and a husband after all....

This is how it looks today and yes, I guess I could use a few more jars...Can't say I mind a trip to World Market.  Oh, and by the way, just to put this out there, World Marked in no way sponsored this post.  I don't do sponsors, I only do what works for me.

If anyone has a Silhouette (or if you want to cut them out by hand) and would like for me to send them the labels, let me know. I'm all about sharing!

And yet again, JD is not here...I'm beginning to see a theme, I write when he's gone, maybe because he's not here to distract me?  Maybe...
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