Week 16 - Where Dreams Come True (Not my preggo dreams hopefully)

Wow! Such a busy week for JD and me.  It was a short week at work but not without a few surprises.  If anyone knows what I do for a living, then you will know that wearing skirts and 'girly' clothes is not exactly practical.  So needless to say when I showed up for work in a skirt on Wednesday there were a few shocked faces.  What they didn't know was that wearing the skirt wasn't done to look cute or nice.  Nope, I had to because none of my pants fit.  And even though I am still not up to my regular weight by the numbers on the scale, my belly(and booty) would beg to differ.  So, in an effort to stay comfortable I wore a skirt (with a stretchy waist of course) to the office.  This was also the day that I got my very first hot flash.  There I was standing in line at Wendy's to get food for JD, and I just started sweating like crazy.  I had to start shedding clothes, luckily I was wearing a tank top with a cardigan, so I didn't become that crazy woman.

JD and I flew out of Atlanta Thursday morning for Orlando, FL.  One of my closest friends was getting married at Walt Disney World and I was to be a bridesmaid.  It was a beautiful wedding and she did an amazing job putting it all together. I have to say I was a bit nervous putting on my bridesmaid dress.  After all, I bought it before I was growing another human in my belly.  Thankfully, the dress still fit, although just a bit more snug around the midsection.  The trip was a fast and furious one without much free time to check out any of the theme parks.  We did get to see a little bit of Epcot thanks to the bride and groom hosting a desert party there.  Unfortunately I'm not to that point in my pregnancy that I crave sweet stuff, quite the contrary, I actually crave cold, fresh fruit.

We got some great news this past Thursday as well.  Our realtor called to tell us that all of the short sale paperwork had finally been approved by the bank.  We are officially in underwriting!!  We are hoping to close before July 20th.  But for now, back to basement.


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