Christmas House Tour

This has been a very fast paced holiday season and it's not even Christmas yet! But I guess it's always like that and this year was no exception. If anything it was crazier than ever before.

Let's go back eight years.  Eight years ago we lived in a small two bedroom, one bath bungalow in a historic neighborhood.  We don't live in that house anymore, but ever since then, JD has been begging me to put our house on our neighborhood tour of homes.  And every year, I would come up with some reason as to why it wasn't a good time.

This year I caved.  This year, I handed JD a 'to do' list (Understatement of the year!  I've been trying to talk Brooke into putting our awesome house on the Tour of Homes for 6 years, and this year, she finally agreed.  I was very excited until, the next day she handed me what I thought was a kid's wish list that was meant for Santa.  Nope, that was my HoneyDo List.  Talk about the ultimate backfire!).  This year, well last year, in preparation for this year, I bought a ton of decorations after Christmas.  This year, I decorated (LIKE A BOSS!!!!).  I also had amazing help from my mother!

Don't get me wrong, we always do some decorating.  We put up a tree, we hang stockings and lights, and we even have a few small Christmasy decor items.

I still didn't go all out like some people(lies, yes she did), not every room is decorated, so don't get disappointed.  But here's a tour of our house, enjoy!

When you walk into our house, you are immediately greeted with our living room.  Eleven foot ceilings, heart pine floors, and an impressive fireplace that takes up one wall.

Caught a snoozing dobie

If you walk in and turn to the right, you will see double pocket doors that lead into our library. Floor to ceiling bookcases, built by us and a massive antique desk passed down from JD's papa and of course a few UGA mementos from JD's college years.

On that same side of the house is our dining room.  You can access it through another set of double pocket doors or a single door from the library.  We always talked about putting a bookcase that is a secret door to the dining room.  Maybe one day, along with all the other plans we have!  We built our dining room table, here is the DIY.

Just past the dining room is our kitchen.  We renovated it a few years back (click here for that post) and love the open concept we now have!

real life! all those dirty dishes!!

And just past the kitchen, through the barn door, is our butlers pantry.  This opening was once a wall and the pantry was once a tiny bathroom with a tiny tub.  It still has the tiny/short doorway that leads into our sunroom. 

The pantry leads directly into our sunroom where we now share the space with our dogs.  The sunroom was once a porch and still has the slanted ceiling and floors.  So I don't take crooked photos, it's the floors and ceilings.  I swear! 

The sunroom has our makeshift mudroom and a door that leads to our backyard.  Sorry, no photos of that, I'm pretty sure it was raining and a muddy mess.

From the living room there is also a long, wide hallway that leads to the sunroom and has two bedrooms and a half bath off of it. 

The three doors on the right - closet, and kitchen door, and the last one is the half bath

This half bath once had mold every where!
On the left side of the hall the first room is our guest room, or as CJ calls it, Maemae's room (that's my mom).  Wouldn't be another room in our house without another DIY project, here is how we made the headboard (click here).

This fireplace is still a work in progress..along with the chair...and the lamp I despise

This area of the room is still a work in progress is most of this space

The guest room is connected to another bedroom (the girls room) with a jack and jill bathroom. 

I'm searching for the perfect 3 part mirror for above this original sink

And now for the girls room! Now this used to be my very large hobby room...sad face....

Another item I'm looking for ~ two more teal Ikea curtain panels - SOLD OUT...

Just through an empty door from the girls room is a small room that we now use an extra bedroom and a toy space for the girls.  I stenciled the floor, that was definitely a time consuming project (click here for that DIY)!

We think this room was once an extra kitchen when the house was a duplex.

Back to the dining room, there is staircase that leads to our second floor where the laundry, master bedroom and bathroom and both mine and JD's offices are located.

Double doors on the left at the end keep the laundry just out of site

Just at the top is a small laundry closet, and then the first room is my hobby room.  I downsized when we moved the girls to my then hobby room. 

Another real life shot ~ My craft closet!
And at the end of our super short hallway, is our master bedroom.  I recently added the faux fireplace and love the little extra'ness (not a word, I know, but I like it(trust me, you using made up words surprises no one)) it adds.  

Off of our bedroom we have our master bath and JD's office.   The bathroom will probably be our next big renovation.  That tub just takes up sooo much space.

And finally JD's office.  He doesn't care for the fancy chandelier...after all, the room used to be a nursery for CJ.

Well that's it, hope you enjoyed the tour!  And if you would like to see a before of everything (when we first moved in) click here!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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