Week 17 - Turnips and Thumps

Today marks week 17 of CJ's life.  According to the app on my phone, CJ is now the size of a turnip.  A turnip?  Neither JD nor I knew what a turnip looked like.  So like any other person, we googled it.  As it turns out a a turnip looks kind of like an onion but maybe a little bit larger.  No hand drawn pictures this week, JD is still making fun of my lack of artistic skills from a few weeks ago.  I had my 3rd prenatal appointment this past Tuesday and I am finally back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Everything else is right on track.  CJ even gave the obgyn a swift kick in the microphone used to hear his/her heartbeat.  Speaking of kicking, CJ also has been being pretty active.  A few nights ago, we were laying in bed and I started feeling a bit of movement, I had JD put his hands on my stomach.  A few seconds later, he looked at me in awe and said 'was that it?? Did I just feel CJ??'  Yep, baby thumps.  It's so amazing feeling those little movements inside of me. That was not the first time I had felt CJ checking out his/her new digs.  I was training an employee at work one afternoon and suddenly I felt a quick jab to the kidney.  My surprise translated over to a loud 'oomph' noise.  I believe the guy I was training was just as shocked when I voiced my discomfort.  I had to explain that it was because my kid had sucker punched me in the kidney.  I also had to give CJ a stern talking to and let him/her know that I would not be raising the next Muhammad Ali.  I finally broke down and bought a few pieces of maternity clothes, just a few basics to wear (hopefully) with my normal clothes.

Other exciting news, we got the call on Monday that we finally have a closing date on our house!!!  We close in exactly 2 weeks from today.  We are already planning our attack on the house.


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