Week 52 (Of House Hunting)

No need to freak out, or think I made a typo, because the title is accurate.  JD and I started looking for a house last August, and while it may not be 52 weeks exactly, it's pretty darn close.  The first house we fell in love with was what we thought was perfect.  The day we put in an offer we found out that the owner (a bank) had decided to sell the house at auction.  So we had to wait and see what the auction brought us.  And what it brought us was not what we wanted to hear.  And so the search started again.  Open  houses on Sundays, internet searches, and just driving around the hood like stalkers.  Lots of houses, lots of time....or so we thought.  The second house we found and fell in love with was another 'perfect' house.  We put in an offer and on my birthday found out our offer had been accepted.  YAY!!  And then we waited.....and waited some more.  Finally, four months later we found out that the bank that was trying to sell the house, never really owned it in the first place.  Kind of makes it hard to sell something you don't own.  So, the search started over, third times a charm, right?  April began and we looked at several more homes, finally we found the most perfect home yet.  Perfect size, 2 car garage, across the street from the park. Absolutely perfect.  This house was a short sale.  Since we had been dealing with foreclosures we thought maybe a short sale would be much easier and quicker. WRONG.  April - offer put in. May - offer accepted.  June - bank finally  finishes it's short sale paperwork.  July 5th, got a closing date 3 weeks out.  July 9th, found out that there are multiple liens against the property, and we can't buy the house until the liens are taken care of.  So, week 52 of house hunting continues.  May the bigger, better, and more perfect house come our way!

Now that the blah news is out of the way, on to better stuff.  CJ is now 18 weeks old and is about the size of a bell pepper.  I didn't really think a bell pepper was any bigger than a turnip, but I make a lot of general mistakes these days.  What I do know is that CJ has been making is presence known a bit more often lately, and a lot more often today.  I'm waiting for the day that I can look at my belly and see it move on it's own.  But for now, I can feel him/her inside and JD can feel it(him)on the outside.

More good news, I absolutely love stretchy pants with fake waists!  I may never go back to real pants ever.....j/k hubby :) (HAHAHAHA...NO.  They are all getting thrown out after CJ gets here.)  I do though seriously love them.  It's great not having to remember if i buttoned or zipped my pants after I use the facilities.  And that is important since I can't seem to remember if I put on deodorant in the morning or not (luckily I'm not a stinky sweater).

A few weeks ago a friend and I went and watched....wait for it......What to Expect When You're Expecting! I know, big surprise seen as how I'm 'expecting' and all.  Anyways, the movie was actually pretty funny and I  even thingk guys would like.  The movie was just like being pregnant too, it had sad bits, happy bits, crappy bits, and all in the span of a few minutes, just like pregnancy emotions!  Another lucky thing for me, I haven't actually experienced the wide range of crying to laughing (sure babe).  I am feeling over(all) much better.  The morning sickness has pretty much ran for the hills.  I'm still waiting for the immense hunger to take over.  Oh, and 3 more weeks till we find out if is a little girl CJ or a little boy CJ!

I'm sure I've told you plenty for tonight, so back to the basement yet again....

Since BD has pregobrain and pregospells stuff and uses pregogrammar, JD has helped with the proofreading in RED!


  1. Not going to lie: I still wear my preggo jeans. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's their fault for being so damn comfortable!!!


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