Week 25 Registries and Festivals!

Wow, what a busy week!  And yes, I know I'm another day late.  But, hey, I'm pregnant, I have an excuse.  So here's the recap:

Last weekend my folks were in town and we spent both Saturday and Sunday with them.   Saturday we spent they (the - and you did so good last week) day registering.  I never knew how much stuff there was we would 'need' for a baby girl.  I've scoured the web and drained my friends of all their info and I'm sure I've probably missed the most important stuff.  Oh well, I'm sure it won't take us long to figure it out.  JD was game for about the first 10 minutes, then he left mom and me for another store (apparently REI and Academy Sports were more interesting) (two and a half hours in BabysRus?? NO THANKS!).  We found some super cute (yes, I just said super cute) (There's nothing wrong with super cute.  If something is really yummy, I say it's super delicious).   outfits for the future baby, and since my mom was dying to buy them, we let her. Thanks meme! (yes, muchas gracias!)

Who knew they made Under Armor for babies????
Sunday, we met up with the folks again and checked out the Summer Shade Festival in GP.  Had some decent (crappy) BBQ, got stung by a bug, and probably didn't drink enough water, but we had a good time.  After the festival we headed to a fabric store to find some fabric for my mom to make some stuff for the baby.  I've decided on a grays, yellows, and pinks (since it's a girl) for the room....that we don't have yet.....anyways, we found some good stuff.  So, I put in my order for a custom crib skirt, crib sheet, and curtains.  I also found a huge pink shaggy ottoman that I just couldn't resist.  Right now it's propping our feet up in our temporary home.  And I'm sure if CJ doesn't like it, Sofie will be more than happy to take care of it for her,

I"m not a huge pink fan, but I LOVE THIS!
Speaking of CJ, she is becoming quite the little acrobat.  She's not a morning person (thank you Jesus!) but does seem to be a night owl.  But I guess we'll see how she really is in a few short months.  According to my prego website, she is about 13 1/2 inches long and weights just about 1 1/2 lbs.  That would probably explain why I'm feeling her more and more each day.  I had another prenatal appointment this past week and everything is right on track.  JD has started his own little ritual of checking my bellybutton every day to see if it still exists.  And as of right now, it's there, but barely hanging on or IN I should say (yes, JD I know, I'm a dork) (a sexy dork though, so it's ok).

We still  haven't heard much news on the home front.  But everyday we are a bit closer, or so we pray.  However, this weekend we are back to the basement spending some Labor Day weekend fun with JD's folks.

                 ***BOLO  Brooke's Belly Button***
                                Last seen near Cora


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