Week 27 Boston Baby!

So, yes, I am a few days late on this post.  A lot has happened, but I just can't seem to get motivated to actually take the time and write anything.  But what the heck, here goes nothing.

Last weekend JD and I had our 'babymoon'.  I asked JD a few months ago where he wanted to go before Cora made her appearance.  Without any hesitation he said 'Oh, oh, I want to go see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park."  I've been wanting to explore Boston so it was a done deal.  We headed north to Boston last Wednesday and were able to stay all the way till Sunday!  It was so nice to be able to get away and not worry about work, house stuff, or anything else normal life related.  Thursday we woke up bright and early (ok, not really, we didn't get up till after 9, hey, we were on vacation) and headed out to see the wonderful world of Beantown (I'm still not sure why they call it this).  Since we had arrived late Wednesday night, we thought we'd just walk around on Thursday to scope out the place to decide what all we wanted to do the rest of the time.  We ended up walking the Freedom Trail.  We didn't just do a part of it, but the whole shebang.  All 2 1/5 miles of it.  Which may not seem like much to you, but when you're prego, and carrying and extra 10 lbs and have to stop every other block for a 'holy cow, my bladder is gonna bust' break, it takes a bit longer than planned.

Literally walking the Freedom Trail
Spooky Burial Ground (one of the many)
The Big Guns (make your own judgement)
 Friday night we had plans to watch the Red Sox play against the Blue Jays.  It didn't start off pretty (rain delay of an hour) and it didn't end pretty either (Red Sox lost big time).  But, JD got to see them play at Fenway park, which he claims has been a dream of his for a while.  Fenway Park is amazing place, no matter the seats you have a great view.  And there's a ton of food options, they even block off the streets around the stadium.  Very cool.

Welcome to Fenway!
The rest of our trip included a Duck Boat Tour, shopping at the Quincy Market, eating delicious Italian food in the North End, a trip to Harvard, and of course, getting soaked in a downpour just so JD could get a Boston Cream Puff thing.  Speaking of the Boston Cream Puff thing, JD didn't just have one...or two.....and don't let him tell you it was for me.  I specifically remember sitting at the hotel while he was stuffing down a puff thing and I am sitting there eating my apple.  Who again has the prego sweet tooth???  Oh, and before I forget we did get to do another thing JD had been looking forward to:  Sam Adams Brewery Tour.  Four free beers and one root beer later, it was a success.

This past Thursday (September 13th) was exactly three months from my due date.  Wow, three more months and we are still homeless.  Things are slowly getting there.  And I've decided to name our future (hopeful) house.  MURPHY.  (NO!)  As in Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Let's just hope I'm wrong about this one.

As the countdown till little CJ gets here so does JD's Belly Watch 2012.  My inny is still an inny and I'm optimistic it will stay that way.  I've been reviewing the internet for the ups and downs of pregnancy and so far, it seems I've been fairly lucky.  Other than my first few months of feeling the morning sickness, I've only experienced a few minor things.  Of course, I keep reminding myself that I have three more months to go and  any thing is game.  NEXT WEEK:  3rd Trimester Here I Come!!!!  (oh boy, that's just scary writing it)


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