Weeks 28 & 29 Pass the Salt Please

 Yes, I am a week late on my blog.  Hopefully my daughter will not be the procrastinator I am (better hope she takes after you).  But in all reality, I've had a pretty busy two weeks.

Last Thursday marked the beginning of my third trimester.  It seems like forever ago that I found out I was pregnant, but then again, the time has absolutely flown by.  Seven months ago I would have hoped that by now we would have the nursery painted and getting close to being finished....oh, and maybe a house to live in....but, nope, we are still homeless.  And that's still a long story, maybe if you have trouble sleeping you can call me up and I can tell you all about it, yep, that should cure you.  But as of right now, guess my Pinterest nursery will have to do.

Maybe dreams will come true...
Anyways, back to the beginning of the end.  I now have about 2 1/2 more months to do (go?) 'till my due date.  Jeez, already???  All I can say is she better not be 3 weeks late like I was.  I want my tax credit!!!  My last prenatal appointment was on the 18th, everything was good, heartbeat, movement, bp, it all looked good.  Even my weight, which freaked me out a bit since I've never been 135lbs in my entire life!  But I guess for being 7 1/2 months along and only have gained about 13 lbs, that's not too bad.  I do keep telling myself that I still have a couple of months to go, so ANYTHING can happen.  Ok, time for a quick question.  Who out there has ever had their doctor tell to up the sodium in their diet??  Probably no one.  But my doctor told me that exact thing this week.  Mmmm, Chinese food here I come and I don't even have to feel guilty!  Ah, sometimes pregnancy is so fantastic.  Yea, your "doctor" also said to eat more processed foods....Heck NO!

mmmm, love me some orange chicken!

3rd Trimester Here I come!
hmm, might be time for a bigger shirt....
Last weekend was the last time I am supposed to be allowed to travel too far from home.  I am now on the 'No Fly' list.  So, for my last trip I went home to OK to visit with some family and friends.  My sweet mother gave me an impromptu baby shower.  I was able to see a lot of family and even some friends I hadn't seen in while.  Including (I'm almost positive you can't start a sentence with the word including) one of my best friends from college.  She just so happens to be 33 weeks pregnant.  We had fun catching up and comparing notes.  Even (Or even) had a few minutes to take a few goofy pictures together.  All in all, it was a great (time, opporurtunity...) to see everyone.  Especially since I am not sure how long it will be before I dare to fly home again, but this next time with a baby in tow...

trying to be creative...
Even got to eat some of my fave food!
The past couple of weeks I've started to notice something about myself.  I waddle.  But, I've also noticed that I don't need to waddle.  There is absolutely no reason on earth why I should be waddling, I have (to - wow, the pregobrain must be in full force tonight!) force myself to walk normally!  So, if you happen to catch me waddling, remind me to suck it up and and stop the swaying.

Only 77 more days to go!

Funny Pregostory:

Brooke:  Have you seen my pink thing?
Me:  Pink thing?
Brooke:  Yea, you know that adult sippy cup thing?
Me:  What the heck is an adult sippy cup thing?  
Me:  Oh, you mean your water bottle?  ROFL - A LOT!


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