Week 32 = 8 Mos!

Holy Cow! I'm 8 months along! How in the world did this happen?  Ok, so I know technically how it happened, but seriously so soon???

I spent a lovely 2 hours in the dentist chair last Friday.  Yay.  It so happens that when you are pregnant you get "special" anesthetics.  These special drugs don't last as long in your system, so they are supposedly safer. My first half of the mouth goes nice and quiet.  As she starts drilling on the my (the my???  wow.) 2nd half, I start to feel something.  Something not right and definitely not good.  I give the doc my best 'this hurts like crap' face and started motioning with my hands.  Lucky for me, she can read crazy woman (finally, somebody understands) in pain signals.  She was shocked to hear that I could feel the drill.  So, I get another round of shots.  Ah the joy.  She waited a few minutes to let the drugs kick in.  We were good to go.  NOT.  Apparently, not only do the drugs leave the system faster but I apparently have a very fast metabolism and (this) causes the drugs to disappear even quicker.  We eventually figured out how much I needed and how quick it needed to be done.  I did not want to have to come back again.  Finally done, and finally home.  JD had a fun time that evening making fun of everything I said.  Apparently, my lack of ability to control my face or mouth was very entertaining (VERY entertaining).  Glad I could make you laugh babe (thanks babe).

JD had a dentist appointment as well.  Lucky for him, his was a lot less interesting.  And soon he was back to his old (new) eating habits.

Enjoying another sweet snack.....
Since not too much happened this past week, I thought I would just add some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Week 30
Week 32
As you can see, CJ is growing every week. And so is my belly.  Speaking of my belly, my inny is no longer an inny....but, it's not an outty yet either.  It's just rather, well, flat.  But, I have a feeling that soon enough it will POP.  (FYI public bathrooms have great mirrors for taking belly pics!)


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