Week 35 & 36 - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! House Stories!

Wow, I started this blog over a week ago and it's just crazy how much has happened since then.  I'm not even sure where exactly to start.

Last week was my 31st birthday.  Nothing big, actually nothing even small happened.  JD had to work late, so I spent the evening with our electrician.  Ok, hold your horses, the only sparks that flew were from him hooking up our dryer and some GFCI outlets, not the most exciting thing in the world.  But we do now have a bit better electrical system and I can do laundry, yay! (I don't think I've ever been more excited about having a dryer).

My folks came into town on Friday, with a truck full of furniture.  Another big YAY!  They brought us a yellow sofa I acquired from my brother, a cradle for CJ, a couple of bookcases, and soon to be bathroom vanity (another brother find).

Future bathroom vanity?

Love it! The boxes are to keep the dogs off!

Needs a little tweaking, but for being 33 years old, not bad!
My mother also brought her embroidery machine to make some goodies for a few friends and for CJ.  Dad came with his chainsaw and dreams of clearing out our jungle of a backyard.  According to our neighbors, the previous owner never even set foot in the backyard, which explains a lot.  But really, who has a two car garage in the city and NEVER uses it??? CA-RAZY!  I know JD will be getting plenty of use out of it (now I can leave the top off the Jeep!).

Cleaning up the jungle
But before my folks rolled into the big city with goodies and help galore, JD and I spent the first week in our new house meeting with a variety of contractors, painters, plumbers, and other handy type folks.  We had our HVAC system serviced, vents cleaned, ceiling fans and lights installed, electrical updates, and since ZERO of the 4 toilets worked, we had those replaced too.

I also had a prenatal appointment last week, and everything is looking good.  The doc wasn't sure CJ was in the right position, so she gave me a quick little peak on the sonogram.  CJ is exactly where she is supposed to be, head down, ready to go.  Which explains the feet in my ribs every day.  But what's even crazier is that at the end of this week, I'll be considered full term.  That's right, CJ could be born soon.  Let's just hope her nursery is finished for her arrival.  Speaking of which, I believe JD and I will be attacking that issue tonight.  As of right now, it's a mess, which pretty much explains our entire house.

Back to the fixing and organizing.


  1. I love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your life with us, it makes feel more connected to the world when I can keep up with friends and family. I'm so excited for your new house and your new baby girl!

  2. Oh and happy belated birthday! Message me your new address when you get the chance so I can send ya'll some Alaska goodies :)


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