Week 37: FULL TERM!! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, another busy week.  For some reason I don't think it's gonna slow down anytime in the future.  We've gone from a messy, unorganized house to a messy unorganized painted house (well, almost, it's still in the process).

This week marks full term for little CJ.  She can now be born safe and sound.  I had another prenatal appointment yesterday and so far everything is still on track.  CJ's got a strong little heartbeat and is super active.  Her head is still down where it should be (aka sitting on my bladder).  JD and I are hoping that she might make her appearance a bit sooner than she is supposed to, but only if she is healthy.  This past couple of weeks things have finally started to get a little tough for me.  Turning over in bed is now the equivalent of an 8 point turn around, slip on shoes are my best friends (no laces to tie!), and socks, well, they are about to become optional.  Guess I took for granted the whole reaching down to my feet thing.  Well, if the doctors are right, 3 more weeks from today 'till I can tie my own shoes again.  We have been working feverishly on CJ's room.  Before getting it painted this past week, JD and I put up board and batten which was surprisingly easy.  There is still a ton to do, put in what little furniture we have and organize all her goodies.

First board for the board and batten
Board and batten done!  Now ready for the paint
Yay!! Painting done!!  

Just a few more minor details to go....
 Our house has been a total wreck since last Friday.  We've had painters and carpenters all up in here doing their business.  We decided to have the nursery, master bedroom, master bathroom, Sofie's room, the living room and the hallway downstairs all painted.  We also had them put up some dentil moulding in the living room.  Wow, it looks so much better.  Things are still not quite done yet, but hopefully next week they will finish with the touch-ups and move on to their next project.  Oh, and yeah, one more thing, we finally have a stove!!  Below a few before and almost-after's.

nice and boring.....
gray walls, and yes that is a yellow ceiling.....still not sure about that one, but at least it's not boring!
another boring before...and yes messy
just a little crown moulding and gray paint, makes a huge difference, now time to clean!

So, as you can see things have been anything but slow for us.  We are slowly, ok, very slowly, getting organized in our new house.  Still tons to do, but I guess we've got the time.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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