Week 38: 2 More Weeks!!!

We finally have our house back, yay!  The painters and carpenters have come and gone, and we have a somewhat clean house, ok, maybe not clean, but we are headed in the right direction.  We've been working on a few projects, some are done, some are halfway done, and a lot are still thoughts in our heads.

First Pinterest Project: Painted Ikea dresser
Project done! Sofie's favorite color
Future bathroom curtains, now just gotta make 'em!
We finally have a stove! Now just need to paint
JD and I are relaxing on the sofa watching the Saints vs Falcons game (RISE UP!).  And so that means that you probably won't see any red marks in this blog tonight due to JD's obsession with the Falcons (I'm doing the proofreading later, but yes, if this was during game time you'd be exactly right).  But, I don't blame him, tonight's game is a big one.  Cora is making her presence known too.  She has been non-stop all day today.  Not sure if that means she's anxious to join us or what (Very cool.  Cora is super active).

Cora's nursery is slowly getting there.  It's painted (pics in last week's post), there's a cradle, lots of clothes, a bookcase being used as a changing table, and a chair that needs an upholstery job.  There are curtains that my mother made random other items.  

My weekend project:  reupholstering that chair!
So for now it's just a waiting game.  My co-workers are terrified they are going to have to drive me to the hospital, and I do have a couple of different designated drivers picked out for the 'just in case'.  Hopefully it won't come to that.  JD and I finally have our hospital bags packed and ready to go.....but the car seat, well, it's still in the box....probably not a good thing.

38 weeks and counting!


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