Week 39 - It's a waiting game now

I'm sure you get tired of reading this first thing, but jeez what a busy week!  Of course, I'm beginning to think this isn't being called busy anymore, but just called life.  And I know with the arrival of lil' miss CJ things will definitely be busy.

We still have a lot to do around the house, some projects are mostly done, done, and not even close to being done.  The yellow bathroom curtains are still as they were last week.  Although, I did buy the backing to them this week.  One step at a time.  The chair in the nursery hasn't changed one bit either....I did say I had done some things (a whole day off to reupholster the chair and only got shopping done???  hmm).  We have french doors that lead into our master bathroom from our bedroom....not very private with the doors being mostly glass and all.  So JD and I decided we needed to add something to the doors.  Off to Lowe's!  And yes, we should buy stock in Lowe's after all the money and time we spend there.  Back to the doors, we ended up buying a window film that has a bubbly texture to it, next step, actually putting it on the doors.  That was my true weekend project.

Ok, so confession time....the doors aren't actually done. I have one more row of windows to do, but I swear I'll do it this weekend!  But that's not all we did.  JD and I put some much needed shelving in our linen closet and we put up our Christmas tree and put up lights outside.

Merry Christmas!
We also met a few of our neighbors.  Have we mentioned that we absolutely love our neighborhood?  We went to a tree lighting party a few houses down over the weekend with one set of neighbors, and then this week two other sets of neighbors came by our house to welcome us to the hood.  And one even brought cookies!!!!  Yep, I would have to say I have my sweet tooth back.  Good thing I'll lose about 10 lbs automatically once this kiddo pops out.  Every night JD takes the dogs for a walk, a couple of nights ago I went with him and the pups.  When we got back home we heard the weirdest noise, sounded like a cat fight, except with birds, and monkeys, and cats, and who knows what else.  Then it hit us, duh, we live directly across from the zoo.  The monkeys were excited about something that's for sure.

CJ's nursery still isn't quite finished yet (even with the exception of the chair).  I did get a few goodies in the mail this week from my mother.  She made me a cradle sheet and a changing pad cover.  Love them!

Changing pad and cover, thanks mom!
All thanks to my mother!  Blanket, cradle sheet, and cradle.

Organized chaos....

A few prego stats for ya:

How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 24 lbs so far!
Maternity clothes? pants - absolutely, shirts, some yes and some no
Stretch marks? none so far!
Sleep: Me - really good....JD - not so good (he blames my new habit of snoring....)
Best moment this week: getting my hair cut (who know's when I'll be able to do that again)
Miss Anything?  sleeping on my stomach, being able to touch my toes
TONS! CJ definitely takes after her father in that area
Food cravings: nada /lots of sweets for JD
Anything making you queasy or sick: nada
Have you started to show yet:  hahahahahaha, now that's funny
Gender: According to the doc, 'appears female'
Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks contractions all day today
Belly Button in or out? Hm, neither one really, it's flat and stretched out (Even though Brooke doesn't want to admit it, it's an OUTIE!) 
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um, I'd say happy, but my husband might have a diff answer
Looking forward to: Meeting this little child of mine and not being prego any more!
Crying:  YES

NEXT WEEK IS WEEK 40!!!!!!!!


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