One Month and Counting

Yay! JD and I made it a month of being parents...woohoo!!  No huge mistakes only a few close calls.  Yesterday also marked CJ's 1 month birthday.

Month by Month Monkey
Happy 1 month birthday to me!
 We had a visit with our pediatrician today and the only bad news is that CJ isn't going to be a basketball kidding...But other than her being on the short side (so far), she now weighs 8 lbs, which means I get to try out my baby sling.  It also means that she should be big enough for us to take a stab at getting her to wear her cloth diapers, but for some reason, I just don't think her little bum is quite big enough yet.  My bum on the other hand is doing pretty darn good for being 4 months (weeks, must still have the pregobrain.  That does go away, right????) post prego, I now weigh 3 lbs less than I did when I got knocked up.  That's right, bring on the chocolate!!!

CJ is starting to discover her hands and that she can move things with them.  She has a duck that hangs from her rocker that is just in reach of her tiny arms and when the mood strikes her, she will lift her mitten wearing hand and slowly nudge the duck.  The duck swings back and forth and then she will nudge it again.  It is adorable.  Which I'm sure I will say that about most things she will do.  I can't deny it, she is the most precious thing I've ever made ( and I am pretty crafty).


and snoozing....

and a smile!

Thanks for the blanket Maemae!

Who does CJ look like??

 JD and I were able to get away last Sunday and watch the Falcons play off game.  Thankfully, JD's parents were more than happy to babysit CJ for us.  And I am also very thankful that the Falcons won that game.  A loss for them would mean a not happy JD.  Other than that, not much else going on this past week.  It's been mostly rainy and therefore mostly boring.

Rise Up!


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