2 Months Old: Diapers and Daycare

Today is the day I returned to work.  Not much to be said about that other than it had to be done.  As I was welcomed back to work today by my co-workers, many asked if it was hard to leave CJ behind at daycare.   Does it make me a bad mother since I said 'No'??  Not that I drop her off the doorstep or anything, I definitely miss her through out the day and I have a great little pic of her smiling mug at my desk.  Of course, this isn't her first rodeo at daycare, we've been taking her off and on for the past two weeks to make the transition a bit easier for her.  The daycare is awesome, it really is.  JD and I got super lucky find this place.  They do all organic foods, have a great staff, the owner is currently prego, they are very hands on and they are cloth diaper friendly....BONUS!  The only downside is daycare = mortgage payment, or pretty close to it, but oh well, it has to be done.

CJ snoozing away at daycare
Speaking of cloth diapers, I finally braved it and started them...well sort of.  I took them all out of their packages, did tons of research washed them to get them ready to use.  Apparently you have to wash them 3-5 times in hot water before their first use, says it helps them reach thier max absorbency, and yes, I do want that!  I put one on little CJ and it looked so huge on her, but we stuck it out.  She did her business as usual and no blow-outs or accidents, but a few close calls.  It's just that her poor little butt isn't quite big enough yet (not like mommy's.  lol).  So, I figure we'll give it another week and try it again.

so adorable...but will they stay that way??
does this make my butt look big??
Monday marked CJ's 2 month birthday, it also was the day that she was supposed to get her first full round of vaccines.  I would have posted her pics and this blog yesterday, but since she had just gotten jammed in the leg with a huge needle she wasn't in the usual picture taking mood.  Other than the nurse pissing her off, the visit went great.  Her doc said she was growing and looking good, right on schedule, she still doesn't have the makings of a basketball star, but that's ok, JD is hoping for a soccer scholarship instead.  For those of you who are family, you might be familiar with a horse that my Mawmaw and Pawpaw used to have.  Misty.  Now, Misty was an old horse when I was young but still somewhat rideable.  You are probably wondering why I am writing about a horse named Misty in a blog about my daughter.  Well, CJ and Misty remind me a lot of each other.  Misty may have been ancient but she was smart.  Most of the time you could ride her barebacked if you wanted, but sometimes a saddle was a nice change of pace.  Misty hated being saddled.  She hated it so much that she would bloat her stomach out when the saddle was being buckled around  her middle.  And surprise, surprise, when you would go to get on the saddle you would fall off.  It was quite comical unless it was happening to you.  Anyways, back to CJ.  I've started noticing that she has the same habit when it comes to putting on her diapers.  You think you have it on nice and secure, next thing you know she's sagging diaper style (gangsta!).

Thanks Alison for the numbers

monkey shot!
A few more pics from the last week or so....

JD caught us napping

catching up on our fashion
this is my serious face
and my happy face

2nd time at the zoo....and I was snoozing

still passed out after the zoo
going for a walk with mommy

Happy V-Day!

 About a week ago, JD and I were watching a local TV show that highlights places to eat in Atlanta.  This particular episode was all about BBQ joints.  JD and I both are huge BBQ fans and have been on the search for the best ATL BBQ.  We are huge fans of Fox Bro's BBQ, which isn't just our fave but also the closest to our casa (that we know of).  We tried out a couple of new places that were on the show, Community Q and Bone Lick.  Both were good, but Fox Bro's still has the best pulled pork.  Ok, now I'm hungry and want BBQ (let's go!).

This next week will hopefully be a bit slower than this week and hopefully we will all have adjusted to the new routine of daycare and work.  And here's hoping for nice weather this weekend, some out door work is much needed!


  1. Let's make a BBQ date and we'll take y'all to Heirloom right by us. It's run by a good ol' boy and a Korean lady... Amazing fusion BBQ!


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