7 Weeks and a Visit from Home

Whew! What a crazy, busy week!  The Twisted Sisters, a new crib, the Super Bowl and a project or two.....

My mom and her aunts came into to town last week and spent a few days hanging with our little family.  Ah, my mom and her sisters, that's a whole 'nother blog in itself.  Some call them crazy, some call them weird, but they call themselves twisted.  And I love them all the same and I was super excited that all 4 of them were able to make the trip.  JD on the other hand was a bit overwhelmed by all the femaleness around.  One guy in a house full of chicks (7 if you count Tora!).  I am honestly surprised he didn't snap....that I know of....
Anyways, we spent the short time they were here acquainting them with CJ and I was able to hone in my Pinochle skills.  They took tons of pics with CJ and Sofie, and I think there was mention of a hula skirt and coconut bra, but thankfully I never personally witnessed that one.   They headed back to the homeland on Sunday and JD and I headed to a Super Bowl party.

And they all made it in one piece!
Not sure how I got dragged into this one....
The Twisted Sisters and CJ
Sofie and I had another project to work on.  I got the inspiration from my niece Addy.  Sofie has a ton of bows and we (and by we, I do mean me) wanted a way to organize/display them.  JD picked out a purple frame a while back at Hobby Lobby and it hadn't found a home yet.  So I decided to make Sofie a 'bow board'.  We took the frame, some poster board, a piece of fabric and some black ribbon JD picked out and a lot of hot glue and voila a Bow Board!

can you tell the girl loves purple??
Another project from last week was putting together a new crib for CJ.  Amazingly enough it was another CraigsList find and we only had to make one trip to the hardware store for some missing nuts.  Maemae was even kind enough to buy a crib mattress too!

another freebie!!!
Even though it was a busy week, I did manage to do another photo shoot with my little CJ.

This is my all time fave!!

I just love her little feet!

her patience was growing thin at this point....
And now a few of the whole family.

Big Sis Sof


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