3 Months Old and 3 Weeks late....

Well, maybe not quite 3 weeks, but I know I am behind a bit on posting this blog.  We have just been super busy lately.  I'm not sure if that's due to life with a baby or life with an active husband, but that's not to say I haven't been busy too.

I have discovered the best thing.  Ok, so maybe not the BEST thing, but it's pretty close.  Apparently every spring and fall there are these 'consignment' sales all over Atlanta.  I think I'm addicted (Yes you are.  I've found several rehab locations...).  They have everything from newborn stuff to clothes for 10 year olds all at great prices.  So far I've snagged some great deals on clothes for both CJ and Sofie.  I have to say  though, I was quite intimidated at the first sale.  I walked into this massive space with racks and racks of clothes, tons of strollers, toys, shoes, and swings.  I wasn't only intimidated by the goods, but I also felt unprepared.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, had some sort of contraption they were using to haul their goods.  I saw women pulling laundry baskets with a rope piled high with clothes, toys, gear....I saw strollers with clothes attached to every surface possible (I really hope there wasn't (weren't?, must be leftover pregobrain) any babies in those strollers..)  I have to say I was impressed with the ingenuity of all the moms.  Thankfully there was no Black Friday drama.

Yesterday was CJ's 3 month birthday.  And rightly so, I took a ton of 3 month pics.  She is still loving daycare and we are loving having her there.  CJ is always happy when we drop her off and happy when we pick her up.  The daycare requested that all the babies were green last Friday for St. Patty's Day.  All the little babies in all shades of green, super cute!

3 Months with the Monkey
Yep, 3 months old!

Only time I'll ever get to wear this shirt
Close up!
CJ and her daycare buds
We have started using cloth diapers full time at daycare and part time at home.  When I first mentioned to some friends that were going to use cloth diapers they all said it wouldn't last and that it was huge pain in the booty.  But, so far, it has been relatively easy.  We don't use a diaper service or anything fancy like that.  Nope, we wash our own dirty laundry...er..diapers.  We use the BumGenius Freetime diaper.  I've never used anything else, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but we like it.  I did do a ton of research (and for this my husband calls me a nerd!) and the Freetime looked like the best option for us (I definitely felt like the Freetime model was the best).  I was a bit worried about the whole drying time issues since you are not supposed to toss them in the dryer, but so far, so good.  Overall it's a pretty easy system.  She poops, we toss the diaper in a wet bag, the wet bag gets full (or we run out of diapers), the diapers and the wet bag all get tossed in the washer, use somewhat special detergent, pre-wash cycle, extra rinse, and line dry.  We are about 2 weeks in and so far no foul smelling room or stained diapers.  We'll see if that's the same story in a few months.

A few weeks ago, we took Sofie to the Children's Museum here in Atlanta.  It was a cold, snow flurry kind of day and since a 3 year old has tons of energy we thought the best place to burn off all that energy was an indoor kiddie museum.  Sofie had a blast.  There was face painting, musical chairs, costumes, and loads of other activities.  Sofie's favorite part?  Tap dancing!  I  have to say though, for all my Oklahoma friends and family, the Kirkpatrick Center in OKC is still by far the best.  And I hope to take Sofie and CJ there one day!
Sofie enjoying windows down
Picnic in the Park
Did I mention we've been busy?  Or rather JD has been busy and I've been a tag-a-long (mmm, speaking of girl scout cookies, I love those thin mints!!).  Two Saturday's ago, JD participated in the Spartan Race.  It's about 4-5 miles long (4.8 miles of HELL!!!, but it was fun too, except for having mud in my ears for 3 days.) with lot's of muddy obstacles between the start and finish.  CJ and I wanted to go watch him, and as a spectator we were required to sign a liability release.  Which got me thinking, if we had sign a release, what did JD have to do?? Turns out he had to sign one as well.  But his releases were a bit more involved than mine.  It said that serious injury or death could occur......Um, maybe it's time for my husband to up his life insurance...just saying....I am happy to say he came out very muddy but also without any major injuries.

JD is still relatively clean at this point
Deff not clean anymore

Almost done
Yay! Finished and all in one piece!

just a little muddy

time to get clean
muddy brothers!
Needless to say, JD had an amazing time doing the Spartan Race.  And the next day he played...SOCCER

We are still working on our big house all the time.  Tons of projects still in the works.  This past weekend's weather was absolutely amazing.  We now have both jeeps in the garage! And I'm not talking about Sofie's little jeep.  We also had a bit of insect infestation.  JD went to take a shower one more and there were ants everywhere! Thankfully, no ants in his pants.  We've invited an exterminator over to remedy the problem, so we'll see how that goes.

Here's just a few more pics I took during our 3 months old photo session:

And a few more pics taken at daycare:

Taken today (3-19-13)

waiting for my hair to grow... 
somebody loves floor time!

That's it for now, there's ton more that I could write about....and I guess if I wrote every week this wouldn't take as long to read.....


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