Rats, Birds and Puppies


In an effort to clean out our sun-room, I (WE) had to organize the garage first.  If anyone knows anything about me (especially my momma) I organize by completely organizing everything first.  Our garage was once a mess, boxes, tables, tools everywhere, then it became a wonderfully clean space that we could actually park all three of our jeeps (Sofie's included), then it went back to a mess.

The previous owners had left a couple of work tables.  We used the tables to stack totes, boxes, and other odds and ends.  As I was cleaning one table in particular, I noticed a pile of what looked like hair, very gray, very short hair under JD's grill.  I moved his grill and found the reason for all the hair.  There was a huge, dead rat smushed under his grill.  GROSS.  So, instead of cleaning it up immediately I took a picture and told JD I had present for him (Awesome pic babe.  And I got it while I was eating lunch.  Thanks).

When JD got home from work, I showed him his present in person.  As we are standing there trying to play paper, rock, scissors to decided who's gonna have to do the dirty work, we realized we were not talking about the same rat.  Yep, there were TWO nasty, stinky, hairless, dead rats.  One's tail was still wrapped around the base of the grill and had stayed attached to it when I moved the grill off of the first rat (Who wants to come over for a cookout??).



I get home from work the other day and JD tells me my dog is nuts (She IS nuts).  It wouldn't be the first time he's told me this.  Anyways, he tells me that Tora is in the front bedroom and has been there for about two hours and that she's in there because he saw her chase 'something' into the room.  I go look at her and she's laying in front of the fireplace staring at it.  I tell her she's nuts and go back to the living room.  For the rest of the evening she keep going into that room whining and then coming back out looking at us then going back in.  Finally, JD goes into to the room. The next thing I know JD is yelling at me that I just have to come in there and see something.  Great.  This never ends good.

I go into the bedroom expecting to see another huge rat, except this one a live one, but I am pleasantly surprised to see instead a bird.  A bird that Tora has 'windowed'.

kind of looked like a bat
JD and I stand there deciding how to get the bird out of the house.  JD thinks getting a tote with a lid and trapping the bird in the tote is the best way.  I think maybe trying to get it into a pillowcase might work.  Well  neither one worked.  Finally after chasing the bird around the room for about 10 minutes I decide to grab a pair of garden gloves and to try and pick up the bird.  We have a winner! That is until the bird escaped halfway to the front door.  Luckily I managed to grab the bird again.  JD and I quickly ushered the bird out into the yard and let it fly away into the night.  (**disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the bird wasn't hurt in the making of this story)

JD's method: FAIL
my method:  WINNER

A few months ago, Bosco began having some serious issues with his back legs.  JD took him to the vet and was told that Bosco had either a tumor on his spine or a herniated disc.  The vet gave JD some ideas on how to try and make it better, none of which worked and eventually Bosco could barely even walk.  We decided to not let Bosco suffer anymore and to have him go visit his cousin Skipper in doggie heaven.  Enough about that, because that makes me really sad.  Once we were down to one dog, JD decided it was time for us to get a doberman pinscher puppy.  Now, I've always wanted a dobie and so had JD, but I wasn't so sure now was the time, especially since we have a 9 month old baby.  She's takes up enough of our time, I couldn't imagine adding a puppy to the mix.  But, in the end, JD must have given me a really good argument because we picked up our little Kona yesterday.  Tora, Cora and Kona...  That isn't confusing at all.

Kona at 4 weeks
Kona at 8 weeks
JD 'trying' to teach Kona to fetch
Tora and Kona
 A couple of weeks ago, Sofie started her soccer career.  Her first game, however, wasn't so successful. During the first half, she started crying so hard her shoulders were shaking.  It wasn't until after the game that we found out the real reason for the tears.  She was so upset because the other girls weren't sharing the ball.  In all of her practices, they each had their own ball and took turns kicking it into the goal.  Sofie found out real quickly that that's not how a real game goes.  After that first game, JD had a pep talk for Sofie.  The next game, Sofie kicked some ball!!  After she found out that soccer wasn't about sharing, she went out there and scored some goals and had a blast doing it.  We were a bit scared that after that first game she wouldn't want to play again, but now she can't wait to play even more.  Way to go Soso!!

barefoot soccer!

chilling after the game with daddy
CJ turned 9 months old this past week.  She is now chomping down on any and everything with 2 bottom teach and 1 that is working it's way in on the top.  She finally is crawling on all fours!!!  She has been crawling for a while, but instead of on all fours it was an army style crawl.  She has also started standing for a a few seconds solo, but then she get's an 'uh oh' look on her face and starts flailing her arms until she makes contact with some support.

Monkey shot!

a long way down

"this is my fish face"

soaking up the sun.  Now that is a funny face!

giving daddy some sugars

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