October Fun

We now have a 3 month old and a 10 month old in our house.  The 3 month old is teething and weighs 23.5 lbs.  The 10 month old is teething as well, but comes in a bit lighter at around 14 lbs.  CJ and Kona.  Those two are quite a mess.  Pray for me.

Monkey Shot!
CJ turned 10 months old this past week.  She is definitely developing a big personality and some pretty funny facial expressions.  She has mastered the pulling standing trick, but is still working on the standing solo action.  She has let go a few times and stood still for a few seconds.  And she wants to do it all on her own.....lil miss independent.  CJ has four teeth now and working on two more pearly whites.  I don't know if I've said it before or not, but she's a little weird (she must take after her father).  Anyways, normal children's teeth come in front bottom two, then front top two....well, not CJ, she got the first pair right, but the second pair, well, let's just say she looks like a vampire.  I guess it's appropriate since it's Halloween and all.

She'll be walking soon

just another funny face
This past week, I was lucky to have my family come east for a visit.  Blake, Addy, my father and mother all drove the 12 plus hour trip to visit us in Georgia.  We had a slammed packed weekend with them here.  Sofie was super excited to have her cousin Addy come for a visit.

We had planned on taking the girls to Boo at the Zoo but the weather had other plans for us.  It rained the entire time we were going to be there.  We did however, get to take the girls to the Pumpkin Festival at Stone Mountain.

Addy & Sofie
so this is who CJ gets her funny faces from
and yet, another funny face.  
CJ's feet repel shoes (but I hear that's common)
We all crammed into two cars.  We really need to get a larger SUV...maybe one day.  Lots of pumpkins, but the highlight of the festival was the train ride.

they LOVED the train ride
A few weeks ago I actually completed one of my many projects.  Daycare wants everything of CJ's labeled.  First full name and last full name.  Which is funny, because even though I've put her name on stuff, she still ends up in clothes that belong to some other little girl.  Thankfully, she's never ended up in boys clothes!  Anyways, back to my original story.  I decided I needed to make labels for CJ's stuff.  I searched Pinterest and found a couple of good links.  I ended up on a ribbon type of label.

It took me a while to figure out how to make Cora's name backwards or a mirror image.  Finally, I made it work using the paint program on my computer.  After a trip to the closest Hancock Fabric store, I purchased transfer paper.  It was supposed to work with any inkjet printer.  I printed just one sheet of the name on the transfer paper and started cutting the name out.  I tried to trim as close to the name as I could.  Once it was all cut apart, I ironed the names onto the ribbon.

make sure it's a mirror image!
supplies all here 
Ready to iron on
Yep, got it right
I love the way the labels turned out.  I've sewn them onto CJ's cloth diapers and also to her blanket and sheets that go to daycare.

all done!
One more thing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing husband!!!!  Love you!

doesn't look a day over 21!


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