Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings to my mind all the reasons I have to be thankful.  I am thankful for the fire that I am sitting by to write this post today.  I am thankful for my amazing family (even though most are in Oklahoma today).  My list could go on and on.

Missing this crew this Thanksgiving!
CJ celebrated her first Turkey Day today.  She was a big fan of the turkey, green beans and sweet potato casserole.  CJ also turned 11 months old this past month.  A few more weeks and my baby girl will be a whole year old!  It seems like just yesterday she was born but yet it also feels like she's always been a part of our lives.

I had every intention of posting this about a week ago, but CJ came down with croup.  And everything came to screeching halt.  Don't get me wrong, I missed the days my little girl would snuggle up on me, but I hated seeing her feeling so bad.  I was able to snap a few photos during an 'on' moment.

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to brave the crazy masses.  I wouldn't be doing it for the amazing deals (well, except maybe one….Lowe's has a great deal on router set…..).  But, CJ's daycare is closed so I got dibs on staying home with her.

For those of you who are brave enough to venture out, what are your shopping goals?



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