Snow, Seating, and Stats

We have a lot of ground to cover today, so let's just jump on in.

CJ's first birthday was over a month ago and after I wrote my last post, it occurred to me that I should have posted her birthday stats.

Christmas was great.  We celebrated at JD's folks house and then went to his Aunt and Uncle's place later for dinner.

JD got a new bag for Christmas….Sofie loves it!

happy to have her own apron
um, yeah, I'm not sure what's going on here…. 
My family was able to come to ATL for an after Christmas visit.  I was so excited to see them.  Addy hadn't seen CJ or Sofie since the previous Easter.  I love having my family coming to visit.  As a matter of fact, I love having visitors anytime of year.

family pic time!
Addy and her daddy
Since my mother was in town for a few days, she was able to help me finish up one of my many projects.  I currently have 5 4 (WAY to many) chairs that need recovering.  I was able to knock one of those chairs off of my 'to do' list.  I started working on it last July, so it only took me about 6 months to finish.  In the beginning I was really into documenting exactly what I did so I could do a 'how to'.  Towards the end, I just wanted the darn thing done (me2)!

Sofie modeling the chair
first, I removed all of the chording
then all of the panels of fabric
thankfully, I was able to use the old padding

I used the old fabric as a pattern for the new

only took me 6 months!
Christmas came and went with no snow to be seen.  And then January happened.  Or rather Snowmagedon, Snowpocalysp….or whatever other crazy term it was called.  I know the people from the north called it stupid.  Why? You may ask.  What can bring the bustling city of Atlanta to a standstill?  What can make the real life look just like a take from The Walking Dead?  Snow.  Two measly inches of snow.  That's right two inches of the white fluffy stuff shut down the city of Atlanta.  It was all kinds of craziness here, people blaming others left and right for the chaos.

We had friends that were stuck in their cars for 12 plus hours.  Pregnant women gave birth on the side of the interstates.  And strangers opened up their homes to others.  A coworker had spent 10 hours trying to get home and we told her to turn around and come back to crash with us.  She made it to our house in 20 minutes and stayed for two nights.

Anytime it snows, Grant Park turns into a winter snow sledding land for all the kids, ok, adults and dogs too.  We have some great hills in the park and they are fully abused anytime there is a smidgen of snow covering the ground.  This time was no exception.

Not only is where we live great because of the park, but we can also walk to several restaurants.  We were lucky enough that one was open right down the street from our house.  We all bundled up (JD made some Christmas Story joke about how I dressed CJ), and headed for some yummy food.

and then we were back to normal
That was about 2 weeks ago.  Well guess what?  It's about to happen again.  As I am typing this I am staying at home due to inclement weather heading our way.  This time it's supposed to be much worse in the way of 2 inches of ice.  That's the not so pretty cold stuff that falls from the sky.  Ok, sure it can look pretty, but man can it do some damage.  I just pray our electricity doesn't fail us this time around.


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