THANKSgiving 2014

After CJ’s scary trip to the hospital (story can be read here), it truly was a THANKSgiving for us.  Twenty-four hours after her release from the hospital we were packing for a trip to see my family in Oklahoma.  JD was less thrilled about this trip, since he had to stay home because he was not granted leave at work.  Boo.  And he was even less thrilled since CJ had just been in the hospital.  I was not thrilled because I would be making the 2 hour plane ride by myself (and plus I was sad to be away from JD for almost a week (JD was happy about missing the plane trip w CJ)).  Well, technically, CJ was with me, but I was missing adult help.

I think she's ready for a trip
This would be CJ’s 3rd plane ride to Oklahoma.  Her first plane ride with her very own seat.  Yes, she could still be considered a lap baby, but if I was going to have to deal with her by myself, then the child would have her own seat to jump in and not my lap.  I did make JD go in with us until we had checked in.  I just was not confident in my juggling skills to win that war with CJ (My money's on CJ.  JK babe...). 

In preparation for the trip, I bought a {hopefully} handy-dandy carseat/luggage carrier thing.  It looks like a rolling luggage carrier, but with this one you hook your child’s carseat onto the rolling luggage carrier using the latch system.  And then your (you don't like r do you?) kiddo gets to ride in their carseat while you wheel them around the airport.  This way they stay attached to their carseat and you have semi free hands to handle other stuff.  Bonus, CJ loved riding that way.  WIN for me!

Between security checks and boarding the plane, CJ handled it all very well.  I can’t say the same for the actual plane ride….My apologies go to the guy stuck by the window with CJ on the other side.  CJ wasn’t bad or mean to him, she was just extra curious….and extra hands on with him….again so sorry to whoever you are!  I downloaded a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons for her to watch on the IPad, as I was told that was all the rage for youngins her age.  And she watched it for maybe 5 minutes….not exactly the result I was hoping for.  Instead she wanted to watch old videos of Sophie from when she was a baby.  Well, at least we had those. 

Window Seat!
My parents and cousin Addy were waiting for us when we landed in Dallas.  Ok, now that the 2 hour plane ride was over, we had another 3 hour car ride to endure before getting to my folks house in rural OK. 

We arrived on a Tuesday and were lucky enough to get to stay for almost a week.  A much needed visit and vacation time with my family. 

In addition to my family, I was able to catch up with some old friends.  One of my besties from college came by with her little girl, Kyli, who is just about a month and half older than CJ.  The kiddos got to run around and play outside since the weather was gorgeous, and Morgan and I talked about exciting topics like potty training and temper tantrums. 

CJ and her friend Kyli
Kyli and her momma {Mo}
checking out the 'old' fence
trying to swing

The rest of my trip was spent playing pinochle with the aunts and cousins.  Which I am still mad about, since I don’t believe I was ever on a winning team…And of course eating, eating tons of fantastic home cooked food. 

Family Pic Time!

I helped make it!
CJ sure enjoyed the feast
Elusive cousin Clint 
trying to run off the extra calories
Maemae & CJ
We headed back to Dallas on Sunday since we had a super early flight Monday morning.  Driving through Sherman, we had lunch at one of my most missed fast food restaurants, Taco Casa.  One of my other good friend’s met us there and got to meet CJ for the first time. 

The plane ride back to ATL was much easier CJ wise.  We had the only two seats in the row, so there were no other people for her to harass.  We were both super excited to see JD at baggage claim waiting for us.  Although, in my mind, he owes me big time….I see a girls night coming very soon!

Here's a few pics of JD and Sophie's Thanksgiving:

Helping make the sweet potato casserole
Not happy that we added WAY too many sweet potatoes and they were spilling everywhere!

VERY happy about the marshmallows!!

JD's idea of pumpkin pie with RediWhip

Hope everyone had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving! 


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