A Little Bit Older {1920's Style}

This is another long over due post, in fact it's almost three months late.  Better it than me (A. That better not be a prego joke, and B. The reason the post is so late is bc Brooke spent 3 months (slight exaggeration) trying to figure out how to put a digital signature on her blog).

November marked my birth month (along with a few other special ladies ~ my mother, my cousin Beth, both of my grandmothers and a few friends too), needless to say it was a good month.

I'd like to think that my entire neighborhood threw a massive party just for me because I'm the bees knees and all (congratulations on being the first person under 75 to say bees knees).  But in reality, the Mothball is an annual event hosted by my neighborhood association.  This year it just happen to fall on my birthday and just happened to be one of my all time favorite themes.  Speakeasy.

Let me tell you this party was the cat's meow of them all.  I conned a few friends in going along with JD and me.  It helps when it's your birthday.

We met up at a Mexican restaurant in the hood and then headed over to the "speakeasy."

Before we get into the actual party, I have to write about my dress.  Of course, since I credit myself being on the crafty side, I wanted to create my outfit.  I scoured the thrift stores, eBay, and craigslist to find the perfect 1920's style dress. I finally found the perfect one at small thrift store in Marietta.  It  was way too long and a bit loose on the sides, but it had the perfect amount of beading and at a price of $19.99, how could I say no??

had to take a selfie 
can we say 'grandma-ish'
it needed buttons too..
To make the dress a little bit more fashionable, I cut off the length, removed the sleeves and made it a bit more fitted around the hip area (so excited I actually had to take it in!).  Since it had such an insane number of beads on it, I had to had stitch the beads in at the line where I made the shorter hem.

I have to say, I was pretty ecstatic with the way it turned out.

Cousin Angie & Me
Ok, so back to birthday party night, we all met up for Mexican food and then headed over to the party.  GPNA had done an amazing job at transforming the rec center into a 1920's party, even with a password entry only to a secret speakeasy.

pre party dinner {JD & Jessica} 
Me & Katrina {she should've won best dressed!}
Me & JD ~ He cleans up nice!
Jessica & James
We had an amazing time and took plenty of photos to capture the night.

I told JD to be 'serious' and this is what I got (Man, that guy looks serious!)
Ok, ladies, no cellphones in the 1920s!
much better!! 

only one word comes to mind....SHADY
~birthday girl~
Mr. and Mrs. Navarro

all the lovely ladies 
look at those gams! (What the heck are GAMS???)
Hope next year's birthday is just as good as this year.

To the Moon & Back!

*****This post was originally written in November, but never published....not sure how I dropped the ball on that one***  OOPS

Happy late Veterans Day to all the Veterans out there! 

JD and I spent our Veterans Day climbing Stone Mountain.  For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard about Stone Mountain, it is a huge piece of rock right outside of Atlanta.  It has a museum and village area with gift shops and exhibits at the bottom of the ‘mountain’.  During the winter months it is called ‘Snow Mountain’ for the tons of snow they make for people to sled down hills and make snowmen. 

We have been out to Stone Mountain a few times, but never had I actually climbed the mountain.  JD did it a long time ago but was up for the challenge again. 

Climbing Stone Mountain is not your normal hike.  The path is worn rock for the most part and very few trees.  Once we got closer to the top, the scenery made me think of what the moon would look like. 

not so bad....yet...
I wished we would have timed our hike up, but as usual, I forgot.  It was a very active day on the mountain.  A lot of families, school groups, and the overzealous workout types that run the mountain every day.   There was even a guy with a guitar singing.  It was actually very nice.  One of the school groups had a guide and she said that the guitar player usually played shirtless.  We were fortunate that day!
and the killer part
The last bit up the mountain was a killer.  The park had installed hand rails to help people to the top.  There was a little museum and gift shop at the top of the mountain along with a tram that you could ride if you wanted to get to the top but didn’t want the sweat.  It also offered some amazing views of Atlanta.

none of that ATL smog today

It was quite the workout and my butt was definitely sore the next day!

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