Christmas in Cataloochee

Yes, this is a post about our Christmas vacation.  And yes, I know it's February.  And yes, I'm writing this anyways.  Deal.

Once a long time ago, my family had a short lived tradition of taking Christmas vacations instead of doing the whole gift exchange thing.  It has been several years since our last trip but we wanted to start the tradition again this past Christmas.

In the past my family would go to New Mexico to a ski resort area.  We have been to Taos, Sipapu, Angel Fire and Red River.   Those are some of my favorite Christmas memories.  We even ventured to Gatlinburg, TN one year.  While my family isn't a huge snow ski kind of family, we do love the snow.  Snowmobiling, snow tubing, ice skating, etc.  We love it all.

It may be because we spent a few years in Alaska when I was younger.  For those of you that aren't familiar with my families history, I'll fill you in.  I grew up in SE Oklahoma, the youngest child (only daughter) to educator parents.  My father was my principle (my school was teeny, as in super tiny, my town didn't have a stoplight small) and my mother was my both my PE (physical education - yes, I am older....) and my driver's education teacher.  Needless to say, everyone knew us and we knew everyone.  Anyways, trying to make a long story shorter, when I was in third grade, my parents decided they needed a change of scenery from Oklahoma.  And a change, big change, happened.  We moved to Alaska.  And that may have just started my families love affair with the white powdery stuff.

Kuskokwim 300 - Akiak, Alaska

No clue & no clue, just found it in our old pics!
Back to present day (well maybe technically it was last year), we rented a awesome cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

what an awesome cabin!

great porch for viewing the fog
My family drove in from Oklahoma, picked my cousin Angie up on the way and met us in Atlanta for the short (JD will probably disagree onto 'short' term) trip to Cataloochee.  We drove through the north Georgia mountains and ended up near the towns of Waynesville, only 30 minutes from Asheville, NC.

While we were hoping for snow all we were treated with was a ton of fog.

called the Smoky Mountains for a reason

Maemae and Me
We took the girls sledding one day.

See the super small pink dots at the top? That's the girls 
Addy first one down! {far left} 
Sophie's turn! 
and back up the hill again, thank goodness for a moving sidewalk
CJ even got to do some sledding, thanks to Maemae
love those pink cheeks!
took about a dozen photos and this was the only one with all 3 girls looking 
Mommy & CJ

two cuties

Angie, JD and I road tripped to Asheville another day.

And we spent a ton of time together playing games.

sisters and cousins 

looks like homework
Addy & Uppa

I absolutely love our family trips and hope we can continue to do them every year.

Does your family have a family trip tradition for Christmas?  Tell me about it!

***If you are missing the red 'corrections' this week, it is because I am out of town and JD isn't available to proof my post***
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