Here Comes Rudolph {Late Christmas Edition}

So several months ago (all the way back to November), I had the bright idea to make us ladies in the family some Christmas shirts.  Ok, so not entirely my own idea,  I may have gotten the idea at a craft show in Oklahoma while standing at a booth that had red baseball type tees with a sparkly reindeer on them….

Proudly wearing our Rudolph shirts!
Ok, so back to MY idea.  My mom and I shopped around for a bit looking for the perfect red sleeved, baseball t-shirt.  I think we finally purchased the winners from Academy and Old Navy. 

Hobby Lobby was our next stop to find the bling-bling sparkly iron on transfer sheets.     The design I saw had the reindeer in both silver and gold.  I chose to do silver for the girls (CJ & Sophie) and gold for myself.   My mom was making her and Addy’s shirts.   

I found a reindeer silhouette printable online and printed it out.  I used that cut out to trace around onto the iron on transfer.  After everything was cut out, it was time to iron on the pattern to the shirts.  

I used my printer to enlarge the image
I had to be extra careful not to 'remove' any of Rudolph's antlers 

I have used a similar sparkly iron on transfer previously for CJ’s 1st birthday party (see it here), but for some reason the snowflake design didn’t adhere well to the shirt and is peeling at the ends.  I was hopeful this one would be better. 

Everything ironed on like a charm.  And since this wasn’t just a plain ‘ole reindeer, I had to add a bright red nose to make Rudolph.  I had some scrap red fabric and cut out the tiniest of tiny little red noses and used fabric glue to make it stick. 

Missing the Red Rudolph Nose

I love how the shirts turned out!

They have been through several washes and so far so good.

Kid approved!


  1. I soooooo LOVE these! I think I will need to borrow your idea for next year!!

    1. How old will little ms. J be this coming Christmas?? I can send you cj's shirt since it will be too small for her!


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