Photography Lessons

I love photography.  I have always loved photography.  I do not claim to know all about it, and I am not even close to ever knowing half as much as other photographers out there. 

My love for photography started when I was in….um, well, I don’t ever remember not loving it.  In high school I wanted to take photos for the yearbook.  At family reunions, I wanted to take pictures of everyone and the activities.  In college, I took a few classes and even learned how to process my own negatives.  And I love it all.  Here's a few photos that I've taken (and/or developed all film).

Atlanta, GA ~ Downtown (2010)
Bosco (2010)
close up time! (2010)
ready to pounce (2010)
JD may have a cigar addiction....(2012)
somewhere in Georgia (2010)
Galveston, TX pier (2004)

Mokes, Hawaii ~ cliff diving (2003)

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii (2003)
420 Festival, Candler Park, Atlanta, GA (2011)
420 Festival (2011) 
JD playing soccer (2011)
JD & the ATL (2010)
Key West, FL (2005)
Ok, I didn't take this one, but I love it all the same
My mother, my aunts, and my maw maw (1960ish?)
Segovia, Spain (2004) 
San Sebastian, Spain (2004)
I know some of these photos are not great, but for some reason I can't help it.  I always feel that the color and the look is so much more 'real' than any digital photo.  Any other film enthusiasts out there feel the same way?? Or am I just a weird one?

When digital media hit the world, I refused to shoot anything other than film for the longest time.  I didn’t even buy my first digital camera, it was given to me.   My second digital camera was a gift as well.  It took me a good few months to even begin experimenting with my digital cameras.  I loved shooting old school with film.  If I had a darkroom, I would still be shooting film and I still love it.  But, yes, the digital world has got it grips on me now, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always shoot digital.  I would love to do more film shooting, I even have my grandmother’s vintage Olympus that is in great shape and the last time I took photos with it, they turned out amazing (majority of the photos above are with the Olympus).

JD has always known that I love photography; he is the one that bought me my 2nd digital camera and my first DSLR.  He also paid for me to take a few photography classes.   I haven’t taken as many as I’d like, but the ones I have taken have helped me learn a ton and has given me a good foundation to really start shooting digital.

I’ve taken so many photos of my kids, that CJ tells me ‘no cheese, momma’ when I tell her to smile.  Kids.

I recently (this was last Thanksgiving....) took a few photos of my neighbor and her kids.  She needed some pictures for their Christmas cards and for her new business card.  I was so happy she asked me to take the photos.  I’ve never taken photos of another family in a semi professional manner.  This was new to me and I was eager to see how it would go.

We took the photos in Grant Park and it was a great experience.  It showed me how I was doing a lot of things wrong and how they could be better. 

So it's been a year since I've taken and edited these photos, and looking back at them, I already see things I could have and should have done differently.  Only took me a year!  Thanks to the Trimbles for being my guinea pigs.

All you real photographers out there, I welcome your input on how I can up my game!!  


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