Trying Something Different

So, it's obvious that I can't keep up with all of my families doings to keep an accurate blog.  So, I will be trying something new.

I am going to try to dedicate certain days to certain type of posts, that way I won't be overwhelmed when I sit down to write a post after writing nothing for two months.  So (I'm noticing that I like starting sentences with 'so'....), anyways here's my game plan:

On Sundays I will post my fitness plan for the week and post how it went the previous week.  Now, be warned, this is not a 'I am perfect and only eat chicken and veggies for every meal and workout 3 times a day' post.  Nope, not even close, this is a real mom trying to get her body back.  I've jokingly dubbed this my NGP.  Nanny Game Plan.  This will most likely spark some debate with other moms out there who are proud to show off their mommy bodies and the war scars from having children.  And that is fantastic for them, but for me, I feel more comfortable when I don't feel gut on gut action. So, my plan is that I want to look like the nanny when we go on vacation (oh, and we don't have a nanny).  I want to look tight and toned and most importantly well rested (although that last one probably won't be helped by exercise and diet...well maybe diet...).   But, remember this is the nitty gritty of what actually goes on in the gym and in the kitchen.

And since today is Sunday, I'll start this post off with what the week's plan is.  I have been doing better at getting up in the am and getting my work out in before I head to work.  I made a weekly meal plan to help with the 'diet' (I don't do diet's) aspect, but to also help with our grocery budget (that's another story).  I've also created a fitness binder.  It has my daily work out with detailed instructions on a few never heard of before exercises.

Here's how last week went:

Oh- before I start, you should know, last Monday the Girl Scout cookies came in.....that's right, thin mints are here (double work out times!! - just kidding, I'm lucky to get one workout in a day).

Sunday (also known as Valentines Day) - no work, but I sure did pig out at my favorite Persian restaurant in Atlanta...Sufi's.  If you've never been you have to try it!  I say pig out, but it wasn't all bad foods.  I had the filet shiskabob, it came with fire grilled veggies and basmati rice, and of course steak.  I also had hummus and pita as well as a bite of desert.  Gotta save room for those thin mints.

Monday (2-15-16) - No workout, took the girls to a movie, my bad meal of the day then was probably the sandwhich, carbs are my favorite and they are hard to say no to.

Tuesday (2-16-16) - Finally, I worked out!!  Three days into the week and I'm finally getting my butt into gear.  Because I missed a few workouts last week too, I did my Friday's workout this day.  The 8 MINUTE PLANK CHALLENGE.   Yeah, it's in all caps for a reason.  I start hurting before it's even finished.

Wednesday (2-17-16) - again I did my Saturday's workout early, my days got a little screwy this week.  Today was Legs + Booty + Arms.  I took Kona for a 1 mile jog as warm up, seriously that should be considered the work out.  Runny with Kona is a whole body experience.

Thursday (2-18-16) - Booty Day!  And because I did booty yesterday, mine was feeling the burn even before I started.

Friday (2-19-16) - I decided to use the right day's workout for Friday, so back to the 8 MINUTE PLANK CHALLENGE.

Saturday (2-20-16) - No workout, took the JD to the doctor...he passed out in line....he has the, my exercise for the weekend is now going to be playing nurse maid and taking care of the kid and time for an actual in the gym workout.

Sunday (2-21-16) - Saturday on repeat, minus the doc visit.

I guess I forgot to mention what kind of prompted this NGP.  I got on the scale and it said I weighed 129.8, that is the most I've ever weight (minus baby in the belly).  Boohoo some of you might say, well, I'm only 5'2" (on a good day) and I tend to carry that extra poundage in my gut and thighs and arms and face.  And well, my pants were all too tight and my shirts were all to tight on my arms.  And well, I just felt like crap.  And I have a beach vacation coming up in about 3 months.  The NGP was born.

Please excuse my lack of an eating diary, I'm just starting out, so I think getting the fitness portion written down is a HUGE step.  Maybe next week.

As I said up in the first part of this post, this is my real day by day struggle with trying to get into shape, some days I will do fantastic and some days I will eat thin mints.  But not sugar coating anything around here (mm, thin mints), you get the raw story.  And hopefully, just hopefully, this keeping track of things on this blog, will be my accountability and keep me on track.

I have the same set of exercises for each day, Sunday's are my rest day.
Mondays - Arms + Core + Legs
Tuesdays - Shoulders
Wednesdays - Chest + Whole Body
Thursdays - Booty
Saturdays - Legs + Booty + Arms

~Good luck to me, I'm gonna need it.  That and lots of Tiger Balm and heating pads.

And since the hubby is way out of commission, there will most likely be some spelling and grammar errors since he isn't available to point them out.


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