Trying Something New: Part Dos

Sundays are dedicated to my fitness {NGP} hurdles and accomplishments.  Wednesdays will be for our general family updates and doings.

And right now.  JD has the flu.  I have to admit when he first started feeling sick last Thursday, I was expecting the usual man cold (Man Cold - YouTube).  And I, as usual, would have to cater to his every need, and baby him more than I would do for CJ (Wait a second.  Did you just say that you would cater to my every need like you USUALLY do????  I will definitely remember this).

Saturday morning came and JD felt like he needed to go the doctor, CJ also has gymnastics on Saturday mornings.  But I decided that I would drive JD to the doctor since he was feeling especially ill.  I dropped him off at the doctor's office and headed to Target with CJ (partially to keep her out of a doctor's office full of sick people and partially to let her run around)(But wait, I'm sure the catering part is coming up soon....).  The next text I get from him is this:
Not ideal, but that's one way to move to the front of the line
Um, yeah, so I guess I can't make too much fun of JD and his 'man cold', which has officially been diagnosed by and official doctor as the FLU.

Other than the flu pestering our family this week, there has been much more going on since my last post.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, so has Christmas and the new year too.  And with all those, CJ turned 3, my family came to visit, Sophie is still loving karate and CJ started gymnastics.   Below are a few photos (picture overload!) to round out the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  Oh, and JD and I got to go to Hawaii with some friends!  I'll do a special post on that later (and knowing me, later means a year after it actually happened).

Hawaii in October 
trying to get family photos....

Soph and CJ singing Jingle Bells by the fire

Happy Birthday CJ!

I'm pretty sure CJ photobombed this one...
Ice Skating at Atlantic Station

Making Christmas cookies with Maemae
First broken board!
Virginia Beach wedding
Me, JD and his siblings
Prepping for her first Father/Daughter Dance

Happy {LATE} New Year!

P.S. For those you just joining in, JD likes to proof my posts and make his 'corrections/additions' in red.


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