2nd Trimester, Here I come!

Ok, so things are supposed to start getting better, right?  Let's hope so.  While I'm not sick everyday now like I was a week ago, I still get sick at certain things.  And one of those things is cereal.  I can be feeling all good and then I'll eat some cereal and it goes south fast.  Weird.  CJ is now the size of a lemon.  A lemon that is constantly putting pressure on my bladder.  And a bladder with constant pressure is no fun at 12:30 am, 2 am, and 4 am, especially when a quick trip to the bathroom means going up a flight of stairs.  Last week I started going to a prenatal fitness class.  I would think that the instructors would go easy on all the pregnant chicks.  WRONG.  I could barely walk the   following 2 days.  And sitting, that took me an extra 5 minutes.  But I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm going back again this Saturday.  We shared the news with our families a few different ways.  My parents were visiting back at the end of April and my dad had a heart attack during the visit (thankfully he's much better now).  While my mom and I were sitting at the hospital waiting room to hear from the doctor, I surprised her with some good news along with obvious bad.  My mom was so excited.  When we were finally able to visit with my dad, I stepped outside and asked the nurse if it was safe to tell my dad the good news.  She looked me up and down and said "Honey, I would wait if I were you, he might have another heart attack if he finds out his baby girl is pregnant."  At that time JD walked up and I introduced my husband to the nurse.  She started laughing.  She thought I was still in high school and got knocked up.  After recovering, she said that it should be fine to tell my dad.  I broke the 'good' news to my dad.  I think it took a few minutes for it to sink in and thankfully he didn't have another heart attack or try to jump out of the hospital bed and strangle the father of my future child.  We had just planned on tell our immediate families at first, but Sofie (JD's daughter) had other plans.  A few days after my dad got out of the hospital my cousin and her family came by for a quick visit.  Sofie and her daughter were playing dress up in Sofie's room.  Next thing we know, Sofie come's running into the living room with a new shirt on.  This new shirt had 'I'm going to be a big sister' printed on it.  I had bought it right after we found out about CJ.  Well, now we might as spread the news.  So we took a few photos of Sofie holding up the shirt and sent them out to friends and family.  My brother sent a message that said 'aww cute', then a few minutes later 'wait! what?!'.

We finally had the inspection on what is hopefully our future home.  The inspector gave us a 'frequent flier' discount since we've looked at so many house and we've always used him.....I guess that's a good thing.  The inspection went pretty well, we were aware about most of the issues, some we had no idea.  But, that didn't change our mind, we still wanted it.  JD's dad came along for the inspection, or maybe it was to babysit Sofie, but either way he got to the see the house too.  His reaction "This makes me tired", speaking of all the work it needed.  But before you picture a house torn down to the studs or missing doors or windows, it's really not that bad.  Yes it's an old house and old houses need work.  There are only a handful of things that we are going to do before we move in, but the house is as it stands move-in-able (I love making up words especially since I'm pregnant and can't remember the real ones).  But JD and I love getting our hands dirty and making a place our own...just a few things we have in mind:

- purple ceiling (surprise location)
-zebra stripes
-chalkboard walls

And other fun, eclectic little details.  And most importantly a nursery for little CJ....*sigh* can't wait!

Back to the basement...


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