Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings to my mind all the reasons I have to be thankful.  I am thankful for the fire that I am sitting by to write this post today.  I am thankful for my amazing family (even though most are in Oklahoma today).  My list could go on and on.

Missing this crew this Thanksgiving!
CJ celebrated her first Turkey Day today.  She was a big fan of the turkey, green beans and sweet potato casserole.  CJ also turned 11 months old this past month.  A few more weeks and my baby girl will be a whole year old!  It seems like just yesterday she was born but yet it also feels like she's always been a part of our lives.

I had every intention of posting this about a week ago, but CJ came down with croup.  And everything came to screeching halt.  Don't get me wrong, I missed the days my little girl would snuggle up on me, but I hated seeing her feeling so bad.  I was able to snap a few photos during an 'on' moment.

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to brave the crazy masses.  I wouldn't be doing it for the amazing deals (well, except maybe one….Lowe's has a great deal on router set…..).  But, CJ's daycare is closed so I got dibs on staying home with her.

For those of you who are brave enough to venture out, what are your shopping goals?


Housiversary Numero Uno

This time last year JD and I were moving into our dream house.  And, yes it was on Halloween.  And yes, there was a black cat sitting on the porch waiting for us.  I kid you not (No, she's really not kidding).

Turns out the cat (known as Mow by the neighbors but whose real name was Samantha) was and is a harmless feline.

And seeing as (extra word) how it was Halloween, we had a ton of trick-or-treaters trying to scam candy from us, but we were fresh out of candy (and if we ever had any, I'm sure I would have eaten it (that is true)).  We were sure our house would be toilet papered the next day (didn't happen, thank goodness!)

Well the year had come and gone. Some projects finished, some started, and many not started.  Here's a look in pictures on what's been going on:

The Grand Front of House

The land of Turquoise (before)

Shades of Gray (after)
As far as the front of the house goes, we still have a number of things to do:
  1. Paint exterior
  2. Make front screen door
  3. Make side entrance screen door
  4. Mulch front flower beds
  5. Add a black wrought iron fence
  6. Remove hedges/shrubs
  7. Fix/replace broken sidewalk tiles
  8. Trim camellia tree
  9. Replace front windows with french door type windows

Living Room

Living Room (during the chaos of moving)
While they were moving out
A little gray paint & crown molding

Ah the living room, sorry for the messy pictures, but with a 10 month old kid and 3 month old puppy, the luxury of cleaning is at the bottom of the list.  Here's where we stand with this room:
  1. PAINT!
  2. Install crown moulding
  3. Refinish the floors (the previous owner's kid used them as his personal skateboarding park) (I may have done that as well  :-))
  4. Buy new sofa
  5. Upholster both side chairs
  6. Paint fireplace brick white?
  7. Install ceiling fan
  8. Add a down rod for the ceiling fan
I've (I've????  If I remember correctly, and I do, I found the entry way table.  So that would be we've.) also added a little bit to our entry way, although, I am not quite satisfied with the mirror or the lamp (turns out I don't have a pic of the lamp, but trust me, it doesn't work)....

The mirror was given to me from my grandmother and the table was a Hobby Lobby purchase (ah, I love that store)!

found a pic with a lamp...see? I was right


Library when we first saw the house
I think we need to add bookcases
We haven't done too much to the library, besides turning it into an impromptu play room.  Here's our to do list:
  1. Paint/replace light fixture
  2. Build bookcases around all walls
  3. Build window seat
  4. Change front window to full length french door windows
  5. Paint

Dining Room

Dining room during the unpacking

Current state
The dining room has also been low on our priority list.  
  1. Paint light fixture, bright color? black?
  2. Paint room
  3. Fix fireplace damage
  4. Add some artwork


Here's a few shots of the kitchen when we moved in. We were all excited when me first looked at the house because there was a Viking stove in the kitchen....bummer...she sold it before we purchased the casa.  So that left a gaping whole in the kitchen.

Here's a few pics as to where the kitchen stands now:

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Add trim/crown molding
  3. Open the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to create a bar
  4. Create a butler's pantry where the midget bath is
  5. Remove existing pantry
  6. Build microwave shelf


In the beginning

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Paint the ceiling
  3. Add crown molding
  4. Board & Batten (?)
  5. Replace light fixtures with pendants of some sort
  6. Make an art wall/display for the girls
  7. Add bench/seating by closet door
  8. Fix door to sunroom

Front Bedroom

Yes, there is a bedroom in there
A few of the current pics:

  1. Repair leak above fireplace
  2. Add curtains to all windows
  3. Make a headboard
  4. Closet door
  5. Paint the walls
  6. Replace/paint light fixture

Jack & Jill Bathroom

love, love. love the tub

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Replace ceiling light fixture
  3. Replace wall light fixtures
  4. Hang shelf above toilet
  5. Put up hooks for towels by linen closet
  6. Mirror for above sinks
  7. Curtain for window

Back Bedroom

The previous owner had the back bedroom set up as an art studio.  

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Add a light fixture
  3. Curtains
  4. Closet door
  5. Fix/replace tile on fireplace
  6. Add storage for my HOBBY ROOM!!!
  7. Door to mudroom


The mudroom is a tiny space (7'x10'?) off of the back bedroom.  We've been told the house was once a duplex and since this room as a sink, we thought it might have been a kitchen at one time.  It also has a vent in one of the walls....

love the old sink
  1. Have the room leveled (it slopes pretty bad towards the back)
  2. Fix the sink
  3. New flooring
  4. Window coverings, bamboo blinds maybe?
  5. Add storage

Sunroom (aka dogs room)

It was so much cleaner before we moved in....
And then we got a puppy....

so much cleaner before...
  1. Paint the walls
  2. Add a light fixture
  3. Level the floors
  4. Replace windows with bigger more efficient windows
  5. Replace door to back yard
  6. Add shelving
  7. Eventually turn it into the girls play room (not the dogs room)

Half/Hall Bath

a real mess
The half bath in the hallway did have a toilet when we moved in, however, it had to be yanked out rather quickly due to a leak that was causing the mold issue...

  1. Replace drywall on lower half of walls
  2. Replace all flooring
  3. Replace trim
  4. Paint walls
  5. Add art
  6. Replace lights
  7. Fix vent fan
  8. Replace pedestal sink with cabinet style vanity (sitting in my front bedroom currently...)
  9. Put up hand towel holder
  10. Add mirror above sink
  11. Replace door with door with frosted glass window


I don't have any after pictures for the stairs because they look exactly the same today as they did a year ago.  But, that's not to say that we don't have big plans:
  1. Paint walls/stair well
  2. Add stair carpet/runner
  3. Artwork 
  4. Add wall sconces
  5. Add mirror to top of stairs

Upstairs Landing/Laundry

can't wait to add a reading nook here
The befores will all look the same, the only thing that we have done is add the grow ruler to the hallway...

  1. Paint walls
  2. Replace light fixture
  3. Add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Fix laundry closet door
  5. Add window seat under window (book nook)
  6. Insulate door to attic space
  7. Add storage to laundry closet
  8. Grow ruler

Sofie's Room

Ah, the yellow and blue, now why would we ever want to change that??

typical girls room!
the 'ombre' style dresser we painted for Sofie
  1. Paint walls and trim
  2. Install ceiling fan
  3. Add second shelf to closet
  4. Insulate doors to attic spaces
  5. New window shades
  6. Put flower lights on walls

Master Bedroom

master closet
These pics were all taken before we actually owned the place.  But, I was optimistic.

the little door goes to the nursery & the frosted doors go to the bathroom
the door with the mirror? the closet!

  1. Paint walls and trim
  2. Replace ceiling fan
  3. Add pictures/art to walls
  4. Add two windows on each side of the bed
  5. Make window covering for half moon window above bed
  6. Add frosted film to bathroom doors
  7. Add closet system to closet

Master Bath

As you can tell from all the 'before' pictures, the previous owners had quite the thing for the color blue.  JD and I? Not so much.

clearly we need storage
  1. Paint walls and trim
  2. Replace hanging light pendant
  3. Replace both pedestal sinks with antique looking vanity
  4. Replace HUGE tub with smaller stand alone one
  5. Make curtains for window
  6. Add artwork/pictures
  7. Add temporary storage by bathtub


And the now:

yep, chair is still not done

  1. Paint walls and trim
  2. Replace fluorescent light 
  3. Insulate attic doors
  4. Install board and batten
  5. Rug
  6. Make curtains
  7. Add thermal panels to curtains
  8. Add artwork/pictures

Backyard (aka Jungle)

So these before pictures show a little bit better what the before color of the house used to be.  That and that it was crazy, insane in the backyard.  

Yep, there was brick under all those weeds!
  1.  Clear off the brick driveway
  2. Fix electric gate
  3. Build some sort of privacy screen between us and the brown house...bamboo?
  4. Add outlets to back of garage
  5. Build stone patio
  6. Put up a gazebo
  7. Add raised garden beds
  8. Clear off the fence line
  9. Ground cover some kind
I would say that about wraps up what has been done and what needs to be done.  But seeing as how our house is almost 100 years old, I have a feeling it will never really be done.

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