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About a year after CJ was born, I discovered consignment sales.  I fell in love.  I hit the jack pot.  This was a baby gear-buying-momma’s dream.  Well, this baby gear-buying-momma.  For all the guys out there, these "Jackpot consignment sales," are, how do I describe them...  Imagine the most boring thing you've ever done, and then double the boredom.  Don't ever agree to go to one of these.    

Consignment Sale – (BD’s definition) a twice a year event that happens usually at churches that has everything you could need for the mom and mom-to-be.  From maternity clothes to shoes to toys to costumes to books to puzzles to just about everything.  Also known as the holy grail of second hand for kid stuff.

Every time I paid full retail price for a baby gear (clothes) item, I had a little heart attack (This happens any time Brooke pays full price for anything.  Or if I pay full price for anything).  I never understood why anyone would want to pay that much for clothes (or toys) that a baby might wear (or use) for less than a couple of months.  I just didn’t get it.  And then I found consignment sales and didn’t have to pay full retail price anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally buy something straight from the store with tags still on, but it has to be either a deep discount or something super special that the girls pick out themselves.  I wouldn’t call myself cheap (although JD might)(yes.  Definitely cheap), I just say it’s much more practical and plus we can spend the savings on things we will actually use for a bit longer. 

In the world of consignment sales, this year was a first for me.  I sold and volunteered at one.  The process was actually not too bad.  I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Garage Sales (hosting), so this wasn’t much different, except I didn’t have to go get change and put up signs.  I may be singing a different tune once my sales check comes in…let’s just hope I sold more than I bought.  Here's a great website to see if there are any sales in your area:  Consignment Mommies.  And here's another blogger's list of tips for buyers.  

This past weekend my cousin Angie was in town for work and was able to hang out with me for a night and a quick Saturday AM garage selling trip in GP.  We went out Friday night to a fantastic, amazing, delicious place in the Decatur square.  Brick Store Pub.  If you live in the Atlanta area (or even just visiting) and have never been, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Angie had the Fish and Chips and I opted for the Chicken Pot Pie.  Now, this should tell you something, I don’t like Chicken Pot Pie, but I love the Chicken Pot Pie from Brick Store Pub.  Amazing. 

The awesome Chicken Pot Pie 
love the brick
Saturday AM, we went to few sales in the neighborhood.  Angie scored some glass jars and a metal mesh splatter screen for frying (exciting) and I walked away with some random match books (I guess you could say I collect them..), a coin purse with ‘C’ on it for CJ, and a petite glass cake/cupcake stand.  Nothing I would say was a special treasure, just some fun stuff.

So here lately (and by lately, I mean for the past year), we have been dealing with a no-nap CJ at daycare.  She is pretty good about taking naps at home on the weekends, but at daycare she averages 1 nap per 3-4 months.  Some kids function just fine without a daily nap, but let me tell you, when CJ doesn’t have a nap, she is a little monster.  She cries at anything and everything, sulks, and just generally won’t do anything.  But when she naps, she is a different child, it’s amazing how that works.  And I’ve tried everything to get her to nap, new stuff, snacks, trips, getting to stay up late, but nothing works! If anyone has any suggestions on how to get her to nap at daycare, I will pay you one million dollars if it works (ok, I’m lying, but I will thank you profusely on my next post, that’s worth something right?).

Another area we need some help with is teaching Soph how to ride her bike.  JD works with her every other weekend (on the weekends we get her) and they go out for about 10-15 minutes just to work on her balancing skills.  JD started her off on a bike with no pedals to try and get her balancing skills up to speed, but she isn’t very confident and gives up too soon.  Even when she is doing great on the balancing, she will quit because she is scared she is going to fall or is going too fast.  I don’t remember how old I was when I learned how to ride a bike or even how my parents taught me.  But we sure could use any advice on how to get Soph to be more comfortable.  Should we let her fall on a grass area to show her it doesn’t hurt that bad?  Should we make her go out more than that amount of time?  Should just let her go at her own pace?  So many questions! 

So that’s our week in a nutshell. Here’s to taking naps and learning to ride a bike.

Red = JD's 'thoughts'


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