Renovation Diary: Part 1

Week One

Day 2 (March 18) – 8:30 am….I’m waiting for the crew to show up since I was told they would be at the casa around that time….9:30….still waiting… I text the contractor to see what the deal is.  He says they are all going to a funeral today and won’t be back until Saturday or Monday.  Well darn.  I mean God Bless whoever died and their family.  I don't want you thinking I'm insensitive, but a heads up would  have been nice.

Day 3 (March 19)- 10:00 am….no contractor or workers in sight…..text sent to contractor….says they won’t be back until Monday.  Another darn.  We did get some work done though.  We sold our existing kitchen cabinets, sink, faucet and hardware on a local selling group’s page and the purchaser came and removed them all.  Now we don’t have a kitchen.

Bye bye wall {hopefully soon}
New windows will make it brighter
anyone missing an unopened package of Juicy Fruit?

Or a vacuum head or squished juice box?

Day 4 (March 20) – No work today – at least we knew about this off day.  JD and I did some more cleaning out of the kitchen and set up our temporary kitchen in the back bedroom.  It’s not pretty, but
it works for now….

Isn't this just like camping....not so much...
Day 5 (March 21) – Got a text from our contractor saying they would be by sometime today to finish up the deck (also still waiting on JD to decide about the railings).

Day 6 (March 22) – 9:30 am…no contractors…JD sends a text about the status….

Day 7 (March 23) – Contractor is busy at other projects, no work today….(I’m starting to get annoyed by this).  JD spoke to the contractor and the contractor thought our cabinets were coming in in a week…WRONG… they are supposed to be ready on Friday the 24th or Monday the 28th….

Well there you have, a life in the week of living in a kitchen reno, well sort of, still waiting on the actual renovation to start...

Guess JD thinks my work is accurate and outstanding tonight.  No edits needed.  Win for me!


  1. Brook, I LOVE your blog. I have been trying to find my way in creating an interesting enough blog that can naturally occur within my own life. I love how you have organized your posts, and also have Josh comment. Awesome job!!


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