Renovation Diary: Part {Week} Four

Day 22 (April 7) – Painting completed on the inside!  And the staining of all the wood trim, it really is looking good!!  I think I’m gonna like the paint color we picked out, but I’m reserving judgment until it is all completed.  

The new siding almost makes me want to do the whole house...almost...

Window and door trim all stained, walls ready for tile

It's a bit hard to tell, but we did have it painted
And we chose.....SEA SALT by Sherwin Williams
I was supposed to get a call from the stone company today to set up an appointment for install….still waiting.  Why is it so hard to call people back?  You have several people whose job is just calling people.  And yet, still no call.  Unbelievable.

Day 23 (April 8) – Got a text early from our contractor saying they are hoping to be by after lunch…I’ve seen this before and my hopes are not high that they will make it by.  But we will see.  

Got a call from my countertop people and they will be there on the 15th to install the countertops!!! Woohoo!!! It will finally look like a kitchen!!!  I am also planning on being there for the fabrication process that is scheduled for Monday.  I can’t wait to see my lovely stone.  I think I love it as much as my sink.  But JD, you are still number one in my book.  Hmmm.  Debatable...  I think it's sink, counters, and then me.  

Looks like the crew got the dishwasher and stove in place and pulled up the covering on the floor. 

The railing on the deck was put in too.  They mirrored the look from the front porch and it looks great

I can see this filling up quickly with the grill and the smoker
Day 24 (April 9) – Saturday – no work today for the crew, but JD and I worked our butts off.  Well, kind of, we ran a 5k and did better than I thought, go us!  And, more importantly, we kicked butt at the pub crawl afterwards.

photo bomber dude - we know who are!

this is my reward for running 5k
Day 25 (April 10) – In non kitchen reno news, JD, CJ and I enjoy the first GP farmer’s market of the season.  Just wish we had a kitchen where would could put fresh veggies….

Day 26 (April 11) – No show for the crew in the am, I text the contractor and get the usual response. Coming in later.

I did get to go by our stone company and participate in the layout process.  Thank goodness you went, since they had a big seam right down the middle of the countertop.  Good job, getting the seam moved behind the sink.  You don't even notice it underneath our supercool vintage faucet.  Still loving our countertops and can’t wait to see them in our kitchen.

ah, there they are

isn't she lovely

I forget what all the crew got done (since I failed to write this on the day of), but I do remember they got the floors stained and sealed in the butler’s pantry.

much better upgrade from the vinyl floors
Day 27 (April 12) – The crew is installing the butcher block countertop in the butler’s pantry and taking care of the plumbing in there as well.  Loving our butler’s pantry so far, so much better than the old non-usable midget bathroom.

my handy work!!

it works!!!
They also installed a new window in our mudroom/aka dog’s room.

yes, I know, this is the most exciting photo ever

Day 28 (April 13) – So looks like the crew did some floor tiling today, and I have to say, I hate it.  We have been having the hardest time finding floor tiles that match in size and color for our existing ones.  We are still debating our options….pull up existing tile and replace with either wood or some other material OR try to salvage some full pieces of tile that are under the fridge/stove/hutch areas and reuse it in areas where we can see it.  Oh the joys of home renovations.

no, no, no {this is not going to work}

trying to find a match - no luck
finally a match! well sort of...not the 20x20 size we need...
Here's a panoramic shot of the butler's pantry and kitchen door, just to give you a little perspective...

I am most excited about the countertops going in next week.  A lot of work leading up to that point to make it feel most like a kitchen in one step.  So excited!!!


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